This Week in Astrology (Full Moon in Gemini) (Video)

Full Moon in Sagittarius Notes:

Moon Conjunct Saturn
Emotionally Expand, Saturn is their making sure it is actually able to happen
An understanding that you cant save people. until you can save yourself
North Node in Leo
The world you design/Spiritual energy/ manifestation
Uranus in Aries
Individuality, rebelliousness, doing whats best for you
Jupiter Goes direct.
inviting decisveness
We should be learing from when Jupiter went retrograde on 2/5 The areas we need to expand
Mercury in Gemini
Venus in Taurus
Law of Attraction
Letting Go of the low vibration
Reaching for a higher octave
We have to consciously and actively expand
Thats why Saturn is there making sure these things are real
We are in a law of attraction zone
6/9 Ying Yang, thats Light in the dark, dark in the light
Sagittarius/Jupiter is allowing your truth to be heard and expressed.
This shows up weird if you are focused on external things
Lets face it a lot of people are not connected to themselves
and its going to be a lot of follow the leader
Lies and Scandal
But lets not focus on that
Let us stay grounded in Truth
Ground Breaking energy
allowing you to expand


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