Practical uses for Universal Law (Part 4) Building with Spirit

video notes:
You have power over your circumstances
Thought is energy
Energy is Power

The world is limited to effects
And the causes are ignored or misunderstood

the singular form of the first person is “I,”

having/owning without having a legal or moral obligation to that which is possessed brings about intense happiness

90% of the mind is subconscious
10% of the mind is conscious

most people only access the 10% which gives them a narrow view

understanding how to use the 90% will give us the answer to any problem

so before you can solve the problems of the world you have to know how to solve your own

we need to look at the materials we are using when we build our mental home
if we are building our home with Resistance, discord, worry, stress, fear
its like building it with driftwood
when we entertain these thoughts we are still manifesting and building
but it may be a shitty house

So realizing that within us is a storehouse of every fine marble, granite, gold and silver and we can build any house we want to
you dont need to go out and get more to begin to manifest
we have to begin to learn and begin to use what you already have within you

you will not lose anything
but your limits, subservient attitudes, and weaknesses
when you deal with the 90%
once you understand that this power is within you
your life will never be the same again
its not a man/woman
thats gonna do it for you
its all within you
but how to access it and use it is key
and thats the point of these videos
the energy is a result of someone giving it to me
now im just doing the same
this information has to be passed on
we can use the information but it also have to be given
because in life you give what you get

spirit is life
when the spirit is gone life is over
so it serves us to understand spirit
it will never serve us to avoid it and focus on external things


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