Practical Uses for Understanding Law (Part 5) The Power of Attention & Focus

Video Notes:

a very simple remedy for a complex situation
it only matters if it is attached to something
like a radio, tv, some lights, appliances, etc
then it can do amazing things
without a modality its just energy
pretty much useless

so thought is just thoughts
unless its attached to a particular idea
then it will charge that idea
otherwise its just wandering thoughts
with no focus

your thoughts with a focus are so powerful
and most of us are ignorant so we just waste our time
and idly pass time
and let our thoughts drift
but if we were to focus on that which we desire for a time
and focus on it

the mental world is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent
its in all places
it always responds to our desire

the brain is embryonic only meaning it can be developed

the people that choose to look within and build and understand
their inner workings will triumph
the ones that continuously look outside will fail

your dealing with the vibration and forces that most respond to you
success will always equate to attention and concentration
its the highest thing we all can strive for
especially now

distractions and having distracted thoughts are why you may think something is impossible
but understanding your mind and how its developed will show you that nothing is impossible
a very simple remedy for a complex situation
this is not an overnight thing
it takes practice
and understanding
because the way the world is set up
you can lose it overnight

if you woke conscious
you can not complain
or be in need
you know that anything is possible
nothing is impossible
through focus and attention
what are you focusing on
can you keep your attention up
without being distracted this is key

Every minute of every day, your body is physically reacting, literally changing, in response to the thoughts that run through your mind

if you understand and can control the cause (your thoughts)
than you can control your effects (the results).



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