This Week in Astrology – Lunar Eclipse in Leo (2017)

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius August 7th

On August 7th, 2017 the Sun in Leo will be opposed the Moon in Aquarius forming a Lunar Eclipse.  Earlier this year we had a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius as well, so this transit is reigniting our freedom or isolation feelings, let us understand that they are one in the same, the only difference is perspective.  This Lunar Eclipse is doubling down on the fire energy with Mars conjunct the Sun.  Mars is initiating passion and giving us the undeniable urge to create, the will, and the energy to do something we can be proud of.
The opposition comes in via old feelings making their way to the surface, the key is to recognize them, but don’t focus on them.  Staying on task and keeping your focus is important.  With this new found focus, old things must come to an end, that frees up space for new things to begin. How will you take action? How will you express your truth? How will you move forward?

Mars will be in Leo this whole month so expect this intense energy to persist through the entire month of August.  You have to focus on your balancing of emotions and honor the changes you have made.  Don’t think to respond to every attack, even the deep ones.  At a certain level, we are all faced with particular challenges and tests that we all have to man up against.  You have been building and working on your issues, the new you may scare those that are closest to you that wish you stay the same.   #staywoke

Making sure you are not your own worst enemy and making a conscious decision to pursue your soul’s purpose, will bring about miraculous results in your professional life.  Meeting these challenges head on, with your new found swagger, you reach a level of growth never seen before.   Don’t miss out on ecliptic once in a lifetime opportunities because you wanted to focus on negative emotions.   Walking and talking your truth is sometimes the only therapy you need.  With so much bottled up and stressful emotions weighing you down, learning to free yourself, and express yourself is key to transformation.  Learn how to listen to your gut and move from that point of reference.  Your gut never lies.

In the realm of relationships, don’t take on too much, save room for yourself.  When you take on too much it creates resentment.  Make sure you keep the lines of communication open, people can’t read your mind, be honest with your partner.  These things show up real ugly if not taken care of.  Now that Venus out of Gemini and in Cancer what we love is now in more of a focus.  Self-Love creates an ambiance that can reign down on the whole household if done correctly.  The hate from a distance is apparent as well, pay it no mind.  It’s important to develop a healthy creative outlet for the internal negative energy and not share it with your partner.

As we begin to adopt more prosperous and healthy thoughts, this sets the tone for your rain of good fortune and luck.  The negativity that is rising is just coming to the surface and out of your body.  That is how energy flows, up and out.  Energy doesn’t flow down and in, that is just suppression it doesn’t leave that way.  Don’t focus on it, let it go.  If we accept and incorporate this magical ecliptic opposition we will experience miraculous moments of discovery.

Jupiter in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn  August 4th, 2017

Jupiter square Pluto is a challenge to you and it asks the question; Are you willing to do what it takes to get to where you need to be?  Are you emotionally ready for the next step?  Will adversity disrupt your focus?

This transit can feel like a GPS, all you have to do is plug in your destination, and follow directions.  If you get lost, make a wrong turn, make 3 wrong turns, it’s going to lead you to where you need to be without judgment.  Are you ready to trust your gut and let your spirit lead the way? Do you have a destination?  Don’t get comfortable with not having what you want.  Strive towards the behaviors and thoughts that are conducive to your success.

Uranus Retrograde August 4th

Time to revisit a past tragedy and reconfigure your emotions surrounding that event.  What did you learn? How has it helped you? What could you do differently and how would it be if you did? How much have you grown since then?  The past is simply a tool we can learn from, it is a mistake to continue to let the past bring you grief in your present reality.  During the retrograde of Uranus, we process things internally and receive the external rewards or lessons.   Make changes to the past.

If you’re interested in getting a deeper look at how these transits affect you personally please contact me.  Facebook or E-Mail    Donations.

Peace & Calm





  1. […] On January 31st, 2018 there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo.  The Moon in Leo will be opposite the Sun conjunct Venus in the constellation of Aquarius.  It will be a Super Moon because it is closest to earth, meaning the energy will be strong.  It will be a Blood Moon because of the reddish glow that occurs when the Earth is blocking the path of the Sun to the Moon.  A Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon of the Month, this is rare as well which makes this astrological event even the more significant.  This will be the ending cycle to Eclipse cycle that started in February of 2017 and continued later that year in August. […]


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