Keeping it Conscious (Episode 1 – Ritual)

Keeping it Conscious is an informative web series, a conscious news program highlighting the individual.  We take a look at topics, ideas, news stories and put them through the scope of spirituality, occult thought, and personal power.   In this episode, we will discuss the personal ritual and how to use it to our personal advantage.

We are going to look at the concept of ritual, outside the religious and social context.  We are looking at the concept of ritual on a personal level. Instead of being a character in someone else’s story, create your own.  By using your own thoughts and actions at a cause level.  Developing your own mind’s eye/inner vision is all that matters.  Who could reach you, better than you?  Any ritual you perform should be a personal expression of your personal desires.

Minds Eye

One of the purposes of the ritual is to interact with your subconscious mind.  The reason for this is because we know that this is where the real magic in our life occurs.  If we can impact the subconscious then we can impact our lives.  Honestly, we do it whether we know it or not.  Part of the ritual is the habits we keep.  Ritual and Habit are synonyms and both have religious etymologies.  So to say,  instead of doing the unconscious ritual called the habit, let us focus on the deliberate ritual.  The subconscious mind is receptive to symbols and the art of symbology.  Contemplate every symbol in the ritual, think about what it means, and what you are doing with it.  Every cause has an effect, so the symbols represent a cause and effect, first in your mind, and then what you would like to manifest.  Now we discuss the types of rituals.


Your rituals, like any movie, play, or books have a beginning, middle. and an end.  An opening and a closing.   In between the opening and the closing is the rite or the ritual.  You generally want to deal with the four elemental forces earth, water, air, and fire.  You want to satisfy all five of your senses with sensory imagery that is purposeful to the results of the ritual.  This can be how long or how short you’d like, you can dance, meditate, chant, talk, have sex even.  Then you close the ceremony and go about your life.  Do this as often as you’d like.  Next, we will talk some of the types of rituals we can partake in.


Dedication rites where we empower, charge, bless or activate special items and talismans.  When we were certain charms and jewelry, we may want to charge them with a special intention like: get the job, fall in love with me, win at the casino, etc.  Dedication rites can power up our items as we see fit.

Most people think someone else has to initiate them into a group, mystery school, or secret society.  I tell you this there is no greater secret than the mystery of your being and the only one that can initiate you into that mystery school is you.   Initiation means to start. Why not start the path to self-discovery?  You can use an initiation ritual to figure out your true potential in this existence on this planet.  It’s important to use symbology because the symbols act as a bridge, from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.  So setting up and planning the ritual based upon the things that vibrate with you on an emotional high.  If you not feeling the ritual, you won’t feel the results.  Once again, our focus is to impact the subconscious mind because that is where change happens.  We use our logical mind as we plan and prepare for the ritual.  While we are in the ritual we let the emotions flow from us and power the ritual through.  The trust of using and stimulating all of your senses gives you the feeling of bliss and trance, allowing you to tap into your innermost.   Your emotions provide the ambiance for the ritual.  By performing chanting, mantras, or music playing stimulates your hearing, keeping you present in the work.



Take for instance the club.  The club is a ritual. It has dancing, music, low lights, alcohol to induce trance and bliss, perfume and cologne, the recipe for a perfect ritual.  Percocet. Molly. Percocet.

Now we take a look at the elements and why they are important.  Fire is the energy we need when we want to clear a path when we want to attack when we want to induce passion in ourselves or others.  Fire means to you what it means to you.  Air is invisible but important, it is our words and thoughts, our energy.  Air means to you what it means to you.  Water is needed for fertility, water is the womb, water is how you feel.  Water means to you what it means to you.  Earth is the material world, the manifested desire, from passion, love, and dedication.  Earth shows up to you how it shows up.  As for the purpose of the ritual, it is suggested to incorporate all four elements, because when combined they equal the fifth element, spirit.

The ritual is designed to be a personal expression of an intention.  Who doesn’t want love, money, and success? Why don’t we all get it? if it is true we all have our own source and we are the only ones who can activate it, then it is up to us to tap into our own power.



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