This Week in Astrology 9/24 – 9/29 Oppositions and Competitions

Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces 9/24

Mars in Virgo is wondering how you are looking at life? Are you doing productive things? If so you will be assisted with organizational aspects of your project. If you are dealing with destructive energy then you could be dealing with panic and frenzy, equaling to a lack of production. Realizing that you always have a choice on how you view things. The upward journey will be met with resistance, while the downward spiral picks up momentum. Mars in Virgo opposed to Neptune in Pisces brings about an adjustment in purpose. Where you may have been so sure of your direction, you may be faced with detours and roadblocks. Once again, with this transit its not about what happens to you but how you respond. With Neptune in Pisces, the question is how you adjust and refine your goals.

Mercury in Virgo oppose Chiron in Pisces 9/27

With Mercury in Virgo, we now have the energy available to reconcile old wounds if need be. Mental walls and obstacles are there because we believe them to be. Being able to tap into the energy of healing is key. Our wounds aren’t there to be celebrated, a wound brings about a special ability to heal within you. The truth is that you have access to this bubbling spring of wellness if you like. The dualistic nature of Chiron in Pisces has the individual almost seamlessly going from feeling wounded to feeling healed, depending on how you think (Mercury in Virgo) about a certain situation. Without Pain, there would be no Healing, because of that, healing is always linked to pain. Understanding this aspect, you recognize there is no 100% joy.

Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries 9/28

Where do you draw the line, when it comes to empathy for others versus taking control of your life and mind? Taking care of you is taking care of everyone. Jupiter in Libra wants to mull over and incorporate others into your decision-making process. While Uranus in Aries lacks those sensibilities, it is up to the individual to understand that following their spirit is not following the crowd.

“The expansive nature of Jupiter, the shocking nature of Uranus, and the antagonistic nature of the opposition mean that there is likely to be a particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, then the more upsetting the change is likely to be.”

Pluto goes direct 9/28

What makes us happy. The deeper issues, the subconscious blocks and changing at a core level. Understanding our core defects and changing them is true transformation. And that is what Pluto is all about. Now that it is going direct it is now in a position to either move in wisdom or woundedness. It’s funny how once we understand a challenge we easily overcome it, while in some areas we just fold to the challenges and just view it as a fact. It was a fact that the caterpillar was a caterpillar. It’s also a fact that the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly and its no longer a caterpillar anymore. Pluto has two upcoming trines with Venus and Mars in Virgo later in the week. Causing a deeper and more subconscious draw to your actions. Infidelity and changes in the realm of relationships should be paid attention to. Past life intersections can cause confusion to everyday life, so make sure you keep an open mind and a pure heart. The same thing could happen over and again, but you have to ask yourself why do you respond to it the same over and again. Facts can change. Facts do change over time.

“any issue that comes up for you will have to be dealt with three times over before you can learn the lesson.”

Mercury in Virgo inconjunct Uranus in Aries 9/28

Let’s begin to integrate our deepest thoughts with our wildest desires for some inspired action. When I say “inspired”, I’m saying “in” “spirit”, the spirit within. Moving from that perfect inner vision and really aligning your thoughts with your truth and your uniqueness. Not conforming to being what everyone expects you to be. To be truly happy one has to be what he expects of himself. Things have happened that really altered your routine, you have to move according to a plan aligned with your being or divine personality.

Venus in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces 9/29

After the lovers decide to move in, the period for which they organize the house and living arrangement is symbolized by Venus in Virgo. This aspect opposed to Neptune in Pisces is wondering “why the fuck am I doing this?” Venus in Virgo better have some good answers or it’s going to be some discrepancies because things won’t be adding up. How you deal with that determines your mindstate. Ask questions. Figure out what you are in before it gets too deep.


This Week in Astrology (New Moon in Virgo & September 23rd, 2017)

On September 20th, 2017 we will experience our first New Moon since the Solar Eclipse on August 21st.  This New Moon like any other New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another 28-day cycle.  Eclipses mark the beginning of a 6-month phase.  Our last New Moon in Leo (The identity, personal Self) combined with the intensity of an eclipse, put a lot a pressure on your personal self to come into alignment with your spiritual self.  So a New Moon in Virgo is trying to make sense of these changes, if you don’t realize that there is an inner working at play, then you most likely point fingers.  This brings about a martyr/victim consciousness.  What you will notice is that people will take up causes that from your vantage point will seem odd and unfamiliar.  What you need to understand is that these people feel that they may need to change the system when in fact they need to change themselves.  So protests and riots will be something we will see in the next coming 28 days more than usual and that is actually saying a lot.  As long as a person is suffering they don’t need to be responsible.  So it may seem like suffering when in fact it is a shedding of responsibility. Stay Aware.

This New Moon in Virgo will be Inconjunct Uranus.  What this is is saying is that we must learn to integrate our intuition into our daily lives.  Learn to trust our inner guidance.  When planets are inconjunct they are labeled as difficult, because they require effort in bringing two elements together.  It might not be extremely overt and apparent, that’s what makes it’s difficult.  But understanding a quincunx/inconjunct planet can lead to profound insight in your overall astrology.  The New Moon in Virgo is how we FEEL things SHOULD BE, inconjunct Uranus an Aries, representing our deep intuitive spiritual nature now taking charge.   So integrating these aspects is easy or extremely difficult it depends on the person.  How we want things is not always how they will be but we always can make right and exact decisions in the midst of anything.  You still have an opportunity to speak your truth.  Don’t feel as if it is too late because the fun has just begun.

Chiron in Pisces is also inconjunct Jupiter in Libra.  The big integration here is in identifying with our pain or identifying with our healing.  Have you admitted you have a problem or are you looking for the newest and best band-aid to cover up your wounds?  Let us discover the wound we all share.

Chiron represents the natal wound that we carry with us throughout our life. Because it is always with us, we can try to avoid the pain by focusing on others in their woundedness.

Make sure people see you for your individual self and make sure they not used as a void filler.  Saviors don’t come from a place of power, needing a savior is a representation of you.  You were a victim before the savior came into being.  So in the grand scheme, feeling powerless nets you that result, more powerlessness.  You have to begin to believe in the change in you.    Tap into your Power.

Neptune in Pisces opposes Mars in Virgo during the New Moon.  Mars in Virgo is energetic, it is your action in relation to the world opposing Neptune relating to illusion, mass manipulation, “spiritualized” love, ecstatic devotion, dissolution of boundaries, and the imagination.  So ultimately you can use your power or it can be used by others.  You can really create new spiritual pathways for you and have the energy to accomplish it.  Spellwork and Ritual are encouraged.

Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries during the New Moon.  This transit challenges your ability to think clearly.  What Jupiter in Libra wants to do is re-balance the narrative, something more proportioned to fairness and truth.  Uranus in Aries is enlightening you to new pathways and taking action as you take charge of your destiny.  Are you taking advantage of yourself and your ability to move forward or are you reacting? Also since we are dealing with Uranus there will likely to be a particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances.

This Week in Astrology (9/13 to 9/19) Venus’ Transits through the week

Venus has a few aspects in the upcoming week capping it off with the movement into Virgo. Sore points surrounding love and money are surfacing. How are you healing them?

venus trine Saturn 9/13

Relationships, friendships, and family present life opportunities. Decisions need to be made as it refers to you and your destiny.

sun square Saturn 9/13

Your ability to change and express your foreknowledge is key. Believe in your self and trust your intuition. You know what’s best for you.

These Venus and Sun aspects to Saturn indicate major decisions that need to be made.

venus conjunct north node 9/14

Expanding your horizons, knowing whats best for you, and speaking your truth. New relationships and new dimensions of your love life will be explored.
Your path towards happiness and financial security. Are you aligned with the love you want, versus the love you think you want.

venus trine uranus 9/18

support in loving what you love because you love it. not because you are being manipulated or forced to love. It will be easy to express the love you have for yourself and others. Spiritual connections are established.

sun oppose chiron 9/19

So after much confusion and old scars being reopened. the sun oppose chiron invites healing and introspection. Things begin to fall into place when you do the things that make you happy. This time is marked by relief and relaxation

Keeping it Conscious (Episode 2) Changing Your Mind Through Meditation & The Power of Laughter

To work magic effectively one must work himself into a trance. We can not reach our magical potential through the process of regular thinking. To be able to focus one’s mind and its ability to concentrate is primary.
You can reach a trance state by laying completely motionless. By laying completely still, not moving a muscle. Not letting your thoughts run off into long trains of thoughts, not panicking about if you left the stove on. Just simply observing yourself and relaxing your body. Whenever you have free time make it a practice to just stay motionless. Then the question arises, what to do with our mind? You begin to direct your mind to your breathing, focusing on the inhale and the exhale. Begin to slow your breathing down and breathe as needed.
The focus is sustained thought towards a particular object. So to do this you have to let go of a lot of shit. To properly reach the level of magick to alter your known universe you have to learn to detach yourself from the waking world. It doesn’t mean you lack empathy or are heartless, it means to properly and effectively do magick you have to focus a majority of your energy on one thing. So by meditating, lying still, and focusing on your breath may ease your mind, it most certainly won’t get you to your magical potential. In this journey, you are always required to go deeper and reach a higher level. No one is a master yet we all are masters. So the meditation is preparing you by establishing a trance state. The ability to focus on a particular sigil, or mantra within the mind with relentless pursuit will determine the results of our magical affair.
The goal is to transform our regular mind into a magical mind. We are in the process of completely restructuring our mind. Changing our regular mind to a magical consciousness is our Great Work (Magnum Opus). From one way of looking at the world to a completely different way. The art of using our will to restructure our mind.
Within the realms of consciousness, you realize the duality of this world, yet it doesn’t take you out of your flow. We know that joy/sorrow, up/down, good/bad, guilt/freedom, and quiet/loud are just two sides of the same pole. Whatever we experience throughout the duality of the world is just an indication and a realization. So our experience becomes different from others, we are learning to control OUR mind. We are shifting it from reactive to proactive. We recognize the world but we don’t care. Developing an objective point of view instead of a subjective point of view. Religion has us in a state of searching for one polarity over the other. Feel good over bad, the reason you are sad is that you are doing something wrong, you’re a sinner. When the reality is that the darkness is necessary to understand light, being cold helps you to appreciate and understand warmth. See it is only an indication and a realization of the opposite polarity.
We should investigate the emotion of laughter as a concept. The spirit is that of pure joy and amusement. To look at life through inquisition and introspection, we can always find the humor in things. Not with the regular human mind that was given to us, but with the cultivated conscious/magical mind, this is where we find the humor. All those illusions and tricks played on us, by us. There was never any wrong done to us by others, we have been in control the whole time. You are playing the joke on you, so if you don’t get the joke, then that is due to your lack of understanding of your own self. To laugh inwardly at all things is key.  The Laughing Buddha
Delete a habit in place for a new one. For example, stop smoking and replace it with working out. Let this practice be the barometer for your magical pursuit. Change things that you always wanted to change and replace them with things you always wanted to do. Creating an instable environment for chaos energy to take the form of miracles in your life.