Keeping it Conscious Episode 4 – Shango, Root Chakra, Jay-z, and Power

Shango, Sango, Chango, or Xango is a diety/archetype in the Ifa, Yoruba, Santeria, and Voudoun pantheons. Literally meaning “to strike”, Shango is a masculine energy, representing the element of fire. His spiritual weapon the OSHE, a double-sided ax is used to destroy enemies. Spiritually Shango is Thunder, Lightning, Justice, Dance, and Virility. Simply Shango represents Power, creating power from the root chakra. Like starting a fire in the wilderness, the hardest part is just starting it. Once it is started and kindled, the environment sustains the fire. Just the same if you were to build energy up from the root chakra, once it rises you no longer have to start the fire but simply kindle and build your present fire. The hard part is starting. Shango’s archetype is Power on Earth. So understanding Shango is understanding your power. Once you understand your power you can use it and experience the results of it. Shango is a natural force within us. It is important to understand that when the ancestor’s transition, they do so within you, not in some obscure outer realm. The ancestors live inside of you. So working with Shango is you taking control of your existence. Becoming a leader. A warrior ready to destroy all of your enemies. Through Raising your Kundalini, building your energy from the root chakra, you destroy all known obstacles. Shango is the Orisha of Happiness.


I’m writing this October 4th, Jay-Z’s mentor Jaz-O’s birthday. Shango’s feast day is December 4th, the same as Jay-Z’s birthday. Shango and his wife Oshun gave birth to the first twins on earth the “Ibeji”. I find it odd that Jay-z and his wife Beyonce who is constantly compared to Oshun, just gave birth to twins this year. When you think about Jay-Z, whether you like him personally or not, you have to recognize the power he yields on this earth. So you can use Jay-Z as a symbol of how to embody Shango. Not to worship Jay-Z but to notice the synchronicities. Just something to think about.

Shango has many lovers, meaning he has no guilt or no shame attached to his truth. He is a dancer and loves to party. He is a King, a leader, but not afraid to have a good time. Working with Shango is about directing your desire, owning your desire, and not letting yourself become directed by another’s will. Shango is a great sorcerer and magician, focused on you living a full life. Shango is here to remind you that even though you have made mistakes, life still has a lot to offer you. So get up and dance. Shango is a Singular, Assertive energy. Shango can assist you with having better sex and having a more substantial relationship with your partner or new partners. By exciting your passion and energy, this incites your inner power. The opposite sex can’t resist power, especially women. As a man your problem is not women, it is you and your lack of power. Shango assists you. Shango raises your energy from Repressed to Expressed. When you can build your power to a particular level, you too will become irresistible. Shango helps us understand our personal magnetism, excites our passions, and increases our stamina(to please the ladies).



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