This Week in Astrology — Saturn in Capricorn /Full Moon in Cancer (2017)

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

On December 20th, 2017 Saturn enters into its ruling sign Capricorn.  Saturn is well structured, hardworking, persistent, and focused on becoming the best it can be.  Capricorn is the place where you can best express the true you.  Through the qualities of Saturn and Capricorn, one can really achieve its highest heights, like the Mountain Goat (Capricorn).


Capricorn, is derived from the Latin word Capra which means goat.(God of all Things)  If you observe the mountain goat you will see his stability through rocky terrain and high altitudes.  What we can take from that is that, by being grounded one can steadily rise like the Goat.  The goat was worshiped, in ancient Egypt (The goat of Mendes, later the Baphomet), in ancient Greece (Pan later Dionysus).

Where Saturn in Sagittarius for the past 3 years felt like your eccentric self and the things you truly loved were put on hold, Saturn in Capricorn is like taking the mask off and allowing you to be your true self.  Saturn represents rules, diligence, boundaries, observation, and structure.  The reasons are not to punish you or discipline you, it is to bring the things you truly are on the manifest.  So by the end of 2020, the new and better you should emerge but it requires effort on your behalf.

Saturn is the preparer for your our destiny, making sure we are on our path and completing our path.  As we can see in society, old ways of life are collapsing and new ways of living are emerging.  Saturn will end the old way of life and bring about a new way of life.  On one side of Saturn, there is wealth, abundance and resources.  On the other side, there is destruction, dissolution, and loosening of ego.


This Christmas, Venus goes into Capricorn, conjunct the Sun and Saturn.  The Orishas I want to focus on with this transit is  Babalú-Ayé and Oshun.   Babalú-Ayé is the  “Father of the World,”  Oshun is the Goddess of the rivers.   Babalú-Ayé enjoys this world because of Oshun, and Oshun enjoys the feeling of  Babalú-Ayé.   Babalú-Ayé imposes a limitation, but not for punishment, for definition.  Do not sell your soul for pleasure (Oshun), for pleasure wants you as well.  Living simply for pleasure is destructive.  By forming a canal( Babalú-Ayé), one is able to create the modality for abundant water (Oshun) to flow throw.

Where Venus is Love, beauty, and finances coming into a sign of focus, accountability, and maturity.  A key during this time would be to observe and manage your behaviors.  Focus your attention on the things that will better yourself and your environment.  Make sure other people or ideas aren’t blocking you from the things you truly desire and want.  You should be running your perception not other people.  Follow what you know or at least begin to take the steps to do so.  During this time individuals will be able to manifest themselves into the place where you begin to access your goals.

The Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees, on January 1, 2018.  The moon is in its rulership as well in Cancer.  This is where it can express itself to the best and fullest.  This Moon is powerful and comfortable, this is also the largest Full Moon of the Year.  This is a time of psychic abilities and you will be able to read others very easily.  Just because you can feel things does not mean you will follow your intuition, this is a good time to do so.  During New Years, parties are in abundance, you will be around a variety of unknown energy, use your sensitivities to navigate the unknown energy during the festivities.


The Full Moon in Cancer will be opposed the Black Moon Lillith in Capricorn.  We talked about the Dark Moon Goddesses before and what the energy means.  The Moon and the Black Moon are polar opposites.  The Moon represents the overt feelings, the Black Moon Lillith represent the unconscious liminal feeling.  They may just cancel each other out and accentuate each other.  The domesticity of the Full Moon in Cancer will be able to hold back the wild reigns of the Black Moon Lillith.  On the contrary, the wildness of the Black Moon Lillith will be able to bring out that wild side and kill some stagnation of the domestic Moon in Cancer.  This energy allows us to tap into some deep information within us and bring it forward.  The deeper you go the more rewarding the energy will feel.

“As we can see, sometimes Lilith plays the role of devil’s advocate and spices things up so that we don’t become stagnant and complacent in our closest relationships. Single people may grow tired of decadent parties and yearn for a safe and solid union, maybe even fall for a dependable someone whom they thought quite dull in the past. Sometimes it takes an interfering bitch to show us just how much we really love the comfy old slipper we call our wife, husband, best friend or business partner.”

Dark Star Astrology

The theme for this week is hard work.  Not hard work for the sake of hard work.  The hard work necessary for transformation.  This requires trust and strength.  Trust to know that your best days are in front of you.   Strength to bring it into manifest.  So with that said.  Have a productive week.

–Hood Mystic


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