This Week in Astrology — Super Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

On January 31st, 2018 there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo.  The Moon in Leo will be opposite the Sun conjunct Venus in the constellation of Aquarius.  It will be a Super Moon because it is closest to earth, meaning the energy will be strong.  It will be a Blood Moon because of the reddish glow that occurs when the Earth is blocking the path of the Sun to the Moon.  A Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon of the Month, this is rare as well which makes this astrological event even the more significant.  This will be the ending cycle to Eclipse cycle that started in February of 2017 and continued later that year in August.

Basically, this Solar Eclipse is a fresh slate in the realms of opportunities, plans, and manifestations.  All possibilities are on the table so write it down, and create a course of action.

Eclipses represent turning points in our lives, these are the times of real change and true mastery of ourselves.  A Full  Moon fully illuminates the shadow aspects of our personality that need attention.  This Full Moon, in particular, is about controlling your circle and picking your team.  (No different from the NBA “ALL STAR” teams where there will no longer be assigned rosters, there will be captains on each side that will pick their own squads.)  Really finding like-minded and goal oriented people headed in the same direction as you.

lebron steph.PNG

This Lunar Eclipse is here to bring focus, in order to bring focus there must be some ending of distractions, a removing of you being in places where you don’t have a future.  

The Moon will be opposite Venus in Aquarius which will bring a sense of clarity to what you truly want, even if what you want is very messy.  This is a time of understanding who you are as a giver and who you are as a taker.  We have two feminine archetypes opposing each other.  Mom wants to have fun and mom also wants to be the nurturer and protector.  It will sort of feel like the movie Don’t be a Menace in South Central while Drinking your Juice in the Hood.  The Part when ICE Tray was with a young lady and her mother came home from church and instead of disciplining ICE Tray and the daughter, she said: ” Hold em Down Baby Let Mama Have Him!”  Funny because you didn’t expect it but also you could relate to her obviously suppressed shadow side that she no longer could repress.  Now it doesn’t have to be that extreme in your life but just an example of the energy.


The Moon also has an inconjunction to Neptune in Pisces during this Lunar Eclipse.  This brings about the subtle nature of our intuition silently guiding us on our path.  Inconjunctions have to do with reconciling or understanding.  So fully understanding our motivations and impulses will be key at this time.  If we are doing something for the wrong reasons it is up to us to correct it.  It is up to us to align with our pure motivations and not our contrived and egoic motivations.

If you are resistant to growth than this Full Moon will be very disruptive.  On the contrary, if you are remembering the seeds you planted during the Solar Eclipse, then you will be experiencing the blossoming of those seeds during this time.  Ignoring it is not the same as avoiding it, the period of ignorance and avoidance is temporary.  There will come a time when the negative energy must be purged from your life.  If you find yourself in a relationship that is not really for you, during this Lunar Eclipse phase you will be shown this.

The Moon will be conjunct the North Node.  Conjunctions focus and intensify the energy.  The Moon rules our Emotions, feelings, and sensitivities, The North Node rules the future and where one needs to be.   The North Node represents the Lesson in our lives, it represents our aims.  To have all of this energy conjunct the North Node represents a surge of energy towards the future.  Are you aligned with your future or are you emotionally connected to your past?  We must come to terms with the emotional aspects of our lives.  What are we striving for?

The Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon, but just stronger, it focuses you on your emotions whether repressed or surfaced.  You are forced to come to terms with points in your life where you turned that where not aligned with your emotions.  You can be objective to this new information or reject it causing a deeper wound that you will someday have to face.  Being in touch with your personal needs will help you sort out any imbalance you may have caused in yourself or in others.  This is a time to rid yourself of emotional baggage that you may or may not even know is there.  So be observant and vigilant instead of reactive and impulsive.



Orula and Oshun


Orisha story of the Week is of Orula and Oshun.  Orula rules the constellation of Leo and Oshun is the planet, Venus.  

After Oshun got her heartbroken by Shango she was devastated.  She wandered the woods and heard the voice of Orula.  Orula realized that he could not give Oshun the life she truly desired but he could give her pure love and a home.  Oshun agreed to be his wife.  Oshun could not love Orula like she loved Shango.  She realized the benefits of living with Orula outside of her personal desires, she found peace, and this peace is what she needed to get over the pain of her heartbreak with Shango.  Orula was very kind to her, treated her like a queen, and taught her things.  Peace and harmony went throughout the land during the time these two were together.

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