Full Moon in Scorpio April 29th, 2018 |Magic and the Alchemy of Manifestation


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Awakening you to the Archetypal Movement during the week ahead.  The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of the energy available astrologically, for the purpose of spiritual and personal development.

On April 29th, 2018, we will have a Full Moon at 9° Scorpio, a full moon occurs when the Sun is Opposite the Moon.  This Full Moon is centered around Magic and the Alchemy of manifestation.  This time is filled with unusual situations and personalities, this is a time for great examination and observation.

There will be a variety of factors pulling strings so there will be no easy solution to problems.  The Moon in Scorpio provides us with a transformative energy, the ability to resurrect your emotions and began to feel again.  In order for this to happen certain emotions have to die. This is speaking to the Full Moon in Scorpio.   Nature always seeks to correct itself by meeting extremes with extremes.  So in regards to the weather and injustices, there has to be an extreme that needs to occur based on the fact that life has to balance itself out.  This does not mean that this Full Moon will be “all bad”, it also has the ability to reach extreme success out of extreme negative circumstances.   Back to the theme of this Full Moon which is Magic and the Alchemy of manifestation, this provides transformative power beyond your dreams and imaginings.  Let’s look at the transits to see how this will come to be.

Full Moon usually brings things to the forefront, things we try to hide, and also things we are trying to manifest.  Ultimately if you are not aware of this force you will ultimately lose control of this energy.  Full Moons are emotional times and emotions can go either up or down.   The light of the Sun(in Taurus) is shining a light into the Moon(in Jupiter), this can be good or bad, depending on the things that reside in your shadow.  Full Moon’s aren’t majestic and favorable, they are not a cure for your ills.  Moon’s are actually satellites for our mind and they will intensify whatever we focus on.  Good or Bad.  So if you are unaware of this energy you are susceptible to manipulation.  Farmers use the Moon’s to plant, the ocean relies on the moon for ebb and flow, so it serves us to get in tune with the magnetic forces so we can properly navigate through this matrix.

The Full Moon in Scorpio 2018 creates a Pentagram in the chart.  This is a result of 2 Yods intersecting.  A yod is three planets that form an isosceles triangle.  The Two Yods are as follows: 1) The Moon inconjunct Venus and Mercury.  2) Saturn inconjunct North Node and Venus 3) North Node trine Mercury to complete the pentagram.  What does this mean?

First of all, an inconjunction or quincunx means ultimately a misunderstanding.  Furthermore, it speaks to a base of understanding, that can lead to something greater.  An example of a quincunx is like the first day of school, the things that transpire on this day may be the basis for a whole school year.  So make sure you are dressed well and feel your best because ultimately it is a chance to make an impact.  I will discuss the aspects in full detail in my video posted at the beginning of this article.

Orisha of the Week

The 3 sisters (Yemoja, Oshun, and Oya)

images (1)

We have a Full Moon in Scorpio so we will examine the 3 orishas who stand on top of this transit.  The Moon in Scorpio(Yemoja & Oya), Sun in Taurus (Oshun).  Oya the ruler of the graveyards is responsible for our transformation, Yemoja the oldest sister and mother like is here for emotional balance, Oshun representing life and enjoyment lets us know that the transformation is ultimately for our growth and development.  If we can properly transform with the proper knowledge we can understand this full moon,  if we are simply just trying to keep things up for posterity’s sake then we will have to deal with Oya’s wrath as opposed to Oya’s assistance.  It’s important for us to not avoid transformation but embrace transformation.    Things ultimately change, so be ahead of the curve while you still have that choice.


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