Good Talk! Podcast (Episode 1)

Good Talk! Radio

Our First Episode!!!!

(00:22) Harvey Weinstein vs Bill Cosby
(1:45) Rachael Dolezal charged with Welfare Fraud
(04:35) Jack Johnson pardoned by Donald Trump
(05:47) BBQ becky
(06:47) Nicki Minaj is dating M&M
(07:56) Royal Wedding
(08:56) Ask Phillip —

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The #1 Podcast on the internet. Good Talk! Radio

Discussing all things race, sex, relationships, entertainment, and history.

Get advice on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

How to get a man/woman.

Do you need context on a situation?

Why aren’t you having the sex you want to have?

The real questions nobody wants to answer. Let’s have a Good Talk!

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