Full Moon in Pisces | August 26th, 2018 | Input = Output

On August 26th, 2018 you will be having a Full Moon at 3 degrees Pisces, while the Sun will be at 3 degrees Virgo. This celestial event takes place in the first decan of Pisces and Virgo respectively and it brings with it blessings, travel, boundaries, as well as expansion. Although the energy is present that does not mean you will take advantage of it so it is important to look at the surrounding aspects and how they will manifest in your present reality. There are some key astrological aspects that will highlight this Full Moon transit such as a Kite, paired with an Earth Sign Grand Trine, as well as some other key aspects we will touch on in this article.  We will also touch on the Tarot and Orisha of the Week respectively.


Earth Sign Grand Trine/Kite

This Full Moon in Pisces paired with the Sun in Virgo activates a trine to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn forming an Earth Sign Grand Trine along with a Kite. So to understand a Kite you have to understand a Grand Trine because these two aspects go together. When you have a Grand Trine you have a tremendous amount of inherent ability and whether you get the proper tension, only then will one live out those abilities. One trine is good, a “Grand” trine is amazing. The problem though is if there is no tension then most of the time the Grand Trine goes unnoticed so that’s where the Kite comes in. When there is a planet opposed to any of the planets involved in the Grand Trine, it provides the necessary tension for that Trine to come to life and this is what we call a Kite. The Sun is in a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus, and in the opposition of the Moon to the Sun, creating a cooker of a Full Moon.

The Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus gives us the inherent ability to know exactly what we want, we will have clear minds and able to process a lot in a short amount of time. The Sun trine Saturn in Capricorn gives us the proper dimensions and foundation for us to build our dreams and higher ideals. Saturn trine Uranus gives us the ability to think outside the box and actually get things done. All of this energy presented to us sounds good and wonderful but with no tension, one would simply do the things that they already were doing. So it is important to understand the Moon’s influence in all of this. It is to show you exactly how to get to where you need to be. The tension comes in the Ego’s refusal to change and adjust. The Sun being in a mutable sign helps us but does not do all the work, we have to be completely mindful that change is normal and good. The Sun in the first decan of Virgo allows us the energy and discernment to make positive changes. The Moon in the first decan of Pisces presents us with a fear, obstacle, or block to overcome for the benefit of being in a proper position or status in life.

As the Moon sextiles Uranus and Saturn it completes the beautiful kite shape in the chart. Although it is a beautiful shape, it comes with some ugly truths, if we fully understand them then we understand that true beauty is found within the flaws and not in the ideal. When we deal with the full moon we deal with our realizations and true fulfillment. Have you addressed issues of pride and transformed them into sources of knowledge, power, wisdom, and action? It’s possible that people’s emptiness is beginning to manifest in the outer world so understand what you are seeing. When you are fulfilling your destiny you don’t fill the sting of life, you actually will feel the wind behind you pushing you forward.

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A deeper introspection would be to imagine a kite and what it takes for it to fly. Simply having a Kite does not mean it will fly. You have to prepare it, analyze the wind, and provide enough traction so it can get some air under it. This is how we have to understand the energy being presented to us during this full moon. Your flight does not come by chance, it comes from a deep and careful preparation that may have been years in the making.  

Jupiter Trine Neptune / Square Mercury

Pluto square Venus and Chiron

Jupiter and Pluto and their respective transits will be fully activated during this Full Moon. Jupiter will have a square to Mercury in Leo, a trine to Neptune in Pisces, and be sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter squaring Mercury in Leo presents us with a challenge to overcome our perception of self. Is our perception of self aligned with destiny or regular mundane activities?  You may have to force yourself to want better for yourself even if you think you have reached the pinnacle of life, there is always more to you and your understanding of self. Jupiter trine Neptune provides the insight and energy flow to continue the expansion of self-identity. Jupiter sextile Pluto is our responsibility in knowing what we are doing, knowing that we are transforming, and allowing it to present itself to us. Transformation is not difficult, the difficult part is our attachment to the past, so the more we learn to let go the more we benefit from this energy.

Pluto is squaring Venus in Libra and Chiron in Aries. Pluto is forcing alignment and preparing the individual for major shifts through tension, how we respond to that tension will make all of the difference. Our intellectual approach to love is being challenged with Pluto’s square to Venus in Libra. Have we taken the responsibility and the initiative to heal your past to restore your future. Pluto is asking you to make peace with your past and love with your heart, not your head. The head presents many blocks to this transformational shift in consciousness, the heart is the guiding force. Based upon the Moon in Pisces one may experience some fear that needs to be faced in order to continue your spiritual development and overall life journey in good spirits.

Tarot of the Week

8 of Cups

8 of Disks



The Moon will be in the territory of the 8 of cups where themes of prosperity, abundance, and distortion arise. This is where you are wasting your energy and where it leads you. Seeking a place that may or may not exist, concerned about the future, and ultimately hoping someone saves you. The reality could be you are not doing enough and you are not using your time correctly. Only to say if one was to be completely mindful of their actions and the way they spend their time, then they would be benefited exponentially. Maybe there will be some dark roads you have to take to get to your promised land but don’t let the dark roads stop you from progressing.

The key word of the 8 of disks tarot card is patience, are you willing to discover the truth, how are you using your time, searching for truths, knowing the truth as opposed to living a lie, ultimately a great revelation. The 8 of disks is related to the work you put in. The Sun being in this place highlights the hard work one has brought forth. So with this card, we see an opportunity for growth,


Orisha of the Week

Eshu Aye


Eshu Anaki Olokun is the owner of wisdom, he governs misunderstood and deep feelings. He is the restorative and renewing the power of Olokun who uses Eshu as her direct messenger. Eshu Anaki Olokun dredges up wealth from the depths of the Ocean (Olokun) and gives it over to Eshu Aye Bellaburo who hands it over to Eshu Aye, who then distributes the wealth how he sees fit. Eshu Aye is that messenger, said to walk along the seashores accompanied by Yemaya, holding the key to the treasure vaults of Olokun. Esu Aye is the treasure keeper, who brings great wealth and financial stability. Offerings can be made to him to ensure financial success. This Esu knows all that we want. It is said that Esu Aye is the one who works with Olokun. Esu Aye is sent down to earth to answer prayers, they come in the form of mystical and prophetic visions, these visions provide guidance beyond limited concerns of everyday consciousness. Make sure you find time outside of your everyday thoughts to access this energy and use it to your benefit.



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