Jupiter Explained — Study Notes

Jupiter as planet is the largest and most attractive and most magnetic of all planets. Its protective of the smaller planets because it attracts the asteroids.

Jupiter = Sky Father

Jupiter is the light bringer

The beginning of your morals or ideas.

Through oaths, treaties, and leagues.

Represents God, State, and Family.

Represents an energy that is set to control the people who can’t control themselves.

Jupiter is a system of knowing oneself. Signified by horns and flashes of lightning. Jupiter is connected to kings and kingship throughout history. Jupiter is where you are linked to your king or kingship.

Liver, Adrenals, Hippocampus.

Liver detoxifies and digests, metaphysically it represents mental discrimination or prejudices

Judgement on others based on an affiliation or group.

Dialysis = Blood Filter – judgement and double mindedness – good people bad health. Bad people good health.

An inner flow produces an outer flow of blood and digestion. The liver controls this.

Stress anxiety pollutes the blood and creates certain conditions and external results.

Silent disease through condemnation and jealousy

Jupiter in sanskrit is brihaspati or guru. He rules of the intellect or Cosmic Body.

Cosmic Body = the mental/intelligent body

Mental powers, he is the teacher of the Gods. Through worship of Shiva the pineal gland he became the God of Luck and Fortune. Religion, The love of knowledge, spiritual pursuits, wealth, and prosperity. The God of eloquence. The one who drove away darkness. The bright and Pure one.

Mental consciousness is awakened through academic study, reading, certain types of energetic stimulation, and certain meditation practices.

= The Mental Body facilitates cognition, the faculty of knowing. It gives you the ability to discern, and to have thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and higher psychic abilities.

Jupiter is a God of many names, Baal, Hadad, Helios, Zeus, and Ammon

Jupiter Ammon = How the Brain is connected to God. The hidden creator.

Amun, Amen = The Hidden one = The connection between the visible and invisible worlds.

How to access this force prayer, seance, meditation, psychedelics, visions, and dreams.

Two hippocampi one on each side of the brain, this area dentate gyrus is the place where you create new memories. This is a problem for adults. So tapping into this Jupiter energy is allowing you to create new memories as opposed reliving your old ones.


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