Mars Explained — Study Notes

Mars Explained Study Notes

Mars — The God of War — Conflict

Repulsion — a force under the influence of which objects tend to move away from each other, e.g., through having the same magnetic polarity or electric charge.

Attraction — a force under the influence of which objects tend to move toward each other.

Mars — War — Fearful Conflict with a positive resolution.

Will — Expressing the Future tense


Power — the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality

Mars is not talking about willpower( the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.)

The ability to access will and power, the ability to bring the future into present reality. Also understanding the law of attraction & the law of repulsion. War is a purification, the end of inner tension. Mars speaks to initiation over doing the same things in a loop. The universe is in constant movement, so action is represented by Mars, but not mindless action, concerted action towards a deeper goal. When we deal with mars we are dealing with the underlying energy of the universe that we plan to bring to manifest.

When it comes to manifesting there has to be an assertive and certain action for creation to take place. Mars is the purifying energy of the soul that blocks obstacles from our path so that we can continue our spiritual growth.

Mars is saying, DO IT NOW!!!!. It’s time to break cycles and create new moments.

Why is Mars Important?

The physical world is 99.99% empty space and is constantly moving. The world is simply electrical fields and magnetic poles and how they all interplay with each other. Mars is the energy used to master this interplay between electricity and magnetism.

Mars is our engagement in this physical world, the bringer of spiritual energy to the planet. Mars represents our muscles, the phallus and testicles in medical astrology. Your creative attributes ultimately. What can you manifest = Mars. Mars is our stability, survival, and ultimate grounding of spiritual energy. It works in 3 ways. It controls our chastity and freedom, wisdom and innocence, our ability to acquire and release. The difference between a prostitute and a nun, both require effort and a mind outside of society, ultimately a search for a deeper truth.

Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars is the deity Kartikeya in Vedic Astrology, The God of Electromagnetism. He was a man of strength of beauty the son of Shiva(consciousness) and Parvati(physical). He was also the brother of Ganesha (gravity). He represents the individual that is focused on self-mastery, pride, and focused on the bliss of spiritual pursuits. Mars ultimately represents rising above the lure of physical beauty and concentrating on source, since he ultimately born of divine consciousness and maya(illusion), the individual has to balance these 2 polarities.

His 2 wives Will and Action Devasena and Valli. Kartikeya representing the wisdom to know the difference between the 2 and the balancing point.

Electromagnetics is the interaction of electric currents with magnetic fields. Mars or Kartikeya is controlling these waves and mastering and decoding these electromagnetic waves that surround us. Mars is the secret flame hidden within all matter. So understanding Mars is directing those psychic and spiritual energies into manifest.

Where the Sun is the Outer Fire that lights and heats the world. Mars is the inner fire that lights and heats the apirant towards his spiritual attainment.

Mars fire shows up in Aries in Family Karma one has to overcome, LEO with overall life friction and obstacles and overcoming that, Sagittarius which lights up the way to your path.

Mars fire burns up illusion and glamour of the physical world and leaves the aspirant with these 4 things: Dharma, Kama, Artha, and Moksha. Dharma is spiritual alignment in action, Kama is having everything you need and desire without effort or strain, Artha is Wealth of knowledge with application, Moksha is the release from the Karmic cycles of Humanity and attainment of your spiritual identity and personality.


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