New Moon in Virgo | 9/9/18 | Form Follows Function



On September 9th, 2018 there will be a New Moon in Virgo at 16 degrees. This happens in the second decan of Virgo which brings rewards as well as proper judgments if you haven’t been doing the work.  Be sure to check the video for more elaboration on this energy.

New Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces

Virgo in the 2nd Decan is ruled by Venus and Capricorn making this a New Moon full of differing perspectives and ideologies, it will be easy to drown in someone else’s misery if you are not clear on why you are doing things. This is not a mindless haphazard New Moon this is a direct, focused, and intention based New Moon. Themes of clarity and grounding are what may be needed for you to the next level. If you truly want it then it won’t be hard to focus and put your energy towards it.

Minor Grand Trine

New Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn

New moon sextile Jupiter in Scorpio

Pluto sextile Scorpio

A minor grand trine is not as popular as a Grand Trine but it can still get the job done. It points to a favorable outcome if one is willing to put in the work. A grand trine is favorable with little to no work even though it’s not a guarantee one will recognize their great fortune. With all major breakthroughs, there has to be a catalyst, adversity, or problem/issue that needs to be addressed. This Minor Grand Trine gives you the know-how and the nudge to set out on your dreams but it’s not going to be based on ease and things just coming to you. This time is for those willing to put in the work. With all the energy now turning direct and planets getting in their exalted homes it is time for you to make those connections and execute those plans. The theme and goals of the planets involved are transformations in our real world and a raising of emotional energy to align with these changes. So if we can keep in alignment with these themes we will be well on the way to success. This placement speaks to latent and hidden talents, bringing them to the surface and using them for your benefit. This energy really points to a team effort rather than a solo success so be mindful of that as well.

Venus enters Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

Venus Square Mars in Capricorn

Venus entering Scorpio continues the theme of Dark Goddess Energy being present on the planet. This energy opposing Uranus brings change in what we say and how we feel. It’s best to factor in the previous two paragraphs in this article before embarking on this energy.  If you are clear enough to receive the energy, it won’t hurt you, only help you. The Word will be a very powerful tool, so setting intentions and speaking in alignment with those intentions will open up a world you once thought unimaginable but now it is extremely tangible. The positive aspects and things surrounding this New Moon are relative to the energy and actions you put into it. You are mostly responsible for the positive changes in your life so you deserve the rewards.

Tarot of the Week

9 of Disks

The 9 of Disks Tarot card speaks to hard work paying off, sacrifice and denial in order to achieve an ideal. This is a card that asks, “What are you doing to get what you want”. Some of the themes of this card is how you spend your time, are you creating or consuming. Do you find a good time to create? Do you find it a good time to spend money? If you are creating with your time then you are in a sense investing or leveraging your time for a pay off in the future. That future is now. So its time to put that creative energy on display.  So if you put off having fun for a period of time to advance yourself spiritually or otherwise, the pay off is here. Focus on getting yourself out there and taking these learning lessons as food. Your reality is still unfolding, you do not know everybody that is around you. So focus on your ideals above all things, feel free to let people fall by the wayside as you head towards your destiny. Your destiny is not always shared with those close to you, so many of us shrug off our destinies to make other people happy, unfortunately, the same rules apply here. This is no magic pill or easy way out, doing the things that bring you wealth and success will give it to you, if you are waiting for something to happen without effort from you, you will be still waiting. Stay active and focused. If you find yourself anxious and stressed, the problem is you are not on your path and living in your purpose. Once you work yourself through the stages of grounding and clarity, your path will be apparent and that stress and anxiety will be greatly reduced.

Orisha of the Week

Ogun Bhalin’dio

5 Congo -- Ogoun Bhalin Dio

This is a card of emotional healing using more advanced methods

Ogun Bhalin’dio is a healer through technology, steel, and iron. This Ogun is an Ogun of focus, precision, force, and healing towards various diseases and ailments. Diseases range from physical to spiritual to all points between. Ogun Bhalin’dio’s healing is different from other Orisha’s, his healing is direct and clear like a laser beam. He deals with the spiritual diseases that afflict humans from the invisible world, he is able to call down the spirits that afflict you and confuse you. The spiritual diseases are caused in the spiritual world and have real-world effects and the require a dedicated healer who understands this. Ogun Bhalin’dio is a determined healer and he uses technology to reach and heal people at a mass level from the spiritual world. When the healer is focused and aware of your problems there is nothing to worry about, there is a sense of deep empathy with this energy. If you need healing or you may be hearing the call to be a healer the energy of Ogun Bhalin’dio is the energy you need to work with.



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