Full Moon in Aries | September 24th, 2018 | Ancestral Fortnight

On September 24th, 2018 there will be a full moon at 1 degree of Aries while the sun will be at 1 degree of Libra. This celestial event takes place in the first decan of Aries and Libra inciting alignments and new beginnings.  This energy is catering specifically towards the individual and how it relates to the collective. With this full moon, we are experiencing our wants, needs, and desires manifest. The full moon kicks off an ancestral fortnight which is a two week period when our departed ancestors can be readily received. The full moon represents a time of dominion and inner peace, the clearer we are with our purpose and the understanding of this complex energy, the more certain we are of our destiny. In this article, we will deal with some corresponding energy and astrological aspects surrounding this upcoming full moon.


Mystic Rectangle

Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries/ North Node in Leo

Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra/ Mars in Capricorn

A Mystic rectangle consists of four Astrological points, two elements, two oppositions, two trines, and two sextiles.  This represents situations outside of our comfort zone and how we respond to them. If we’re able to trust our inner guidance system this energy will be very serving but if we are used to the same thing every day then this switch of energy can be deeply disturbing. The key to understanding this energy is found in being present, paying attention to your subtle energy, and utilizing that in your Waking Life. The theme of this article and this new moon energy is the ever-present link to the celestial realms and being completely clear on this link will only serve you.

T- Square

Full Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn

This aspect is pointing out the relationship between healing and time. The analogy of when one door closes another one opens should be paid very close attention to during this full moon transit. If we are emotionally attached to things that are closed off to us then we may miss out on a future opportunity. There is ease and simplicity that comes along with doing things the correct way, especially connecting to Spirit. If you are connecting to your spirit through the Realms of sincerity and guidance, then you will be living with those benefits. The square and its negative aspects come when we are actively ignoring our spiritual connections.

Learning Triangle

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus square Mars in Aquarius trine Sun/Mercury in Libra

The learning triangle is an astrological aspect that presents us with the problem, a challenge, and the solution all in one. If there are changes in how you feel then you owe it to yourself to figure out what’s the connection. As opposed to feeling shame in regards to doing different things you wouldn’t normally do. The more that we investigate our lives in our spiritual truths the more that we realize that there are no such things as coincidences. If we are faced with an obstacle then there’s something on the other side of that obstacle, if we run away from that obstacle then we will never know.

Grand Cross

Mars in Capricorn / Venus in Scorpio / North Node in Leo / Uranus in Taurus

A Grand Cross is when you have four elements, four astrological points, all squared, and opposed to each other. This is a challenging aspect that requires you to take full responsibility for you and your truth. You may be put in a situation where your truth is put in front and center. Are you proud of that truth, are you ashamed of that truth, and what are you going to do about cultivating this truth?




Tarot of the Week

2 of Wands

2 of Swords

The Tarot Cards of the Full Moon are speaking to balancing our spirit and mind, combined with the energy to reflect exactly what that looks like in the terrestrial world. Dealing with the deeper reconciliations by rising above logic and following your etheric(emotional) body. From this, you are given the courage and focus to become more than any obstacle. You all also develop the cognizance to avoid obstacles before they even present themselves. This all starts and ends with peace, so be clear on that going through this Full Moon transit. This time is all about the art of relating your inner truth to the exterior world, let’s hope you can take it.

Full Moon in Sidereal/Vedic/ Pisces

Ancestral Fortnight

This Full Moon begins the Ancestral Fortnight, a 2 week period of time when our departed ancestors can be readily accessed and received.  We may also have the responsibility of helping our ancestors let go of this world and reclaim their spiritual lineage which will only help you on your terrestrial journey. The goal of this period is to aid the lost souls to their truth, those living and nonliving. To get a further understanding to imagine that you transitioning to the spiritual realm and still craving physical pleasures, for those of us that are deeply spiritual this access gives us the ability to alert our ancestors of their divine lineage, and the no longer need to seek this world for they have access to the whole cosmos. You can consciously connect to your ancestors through offerings of food, service, ritual, and sincerity. This heightened gateway, with the right attitude, will transform stuck behavior, break ancestral curses, change your luck and status for the better. “During this period they come towards the Earth plane in an attempt to connect with their descendants. This period presents a unique opportunity for us descendants to help our ancestors in the afterlife.


“Just as we serve our parents and close relatives when they are alive as a part of our duty, we have certain duties unto them even after their death.  During this period the environment is filled with the subtle pressure from the billions of subtle bodies of ancestors and the vibrations of their unfulfilled desires“




Orisha of the Week


Respect – Last Judgement

The Orisha of the Week is The Ancestors, known and unknown. We all have had people we loved that have transitioned into the afterlife, and we will be there as well, so let us take time to recognize this aspect of life and what we can do to benefit it. Ancestors from many millennia live within our DNA and RNA and speak to us on a constant basis. Our reality is connected to a future and past that has no limits, so to honor and realize them will only aid us moving forward. In honoring the ancestors you are honoring yourself, in praising your lineage you are praising your future. The key to understanding this full moon is respect, the etymology of the word respect simply means to look back, and realize those who have made a way for you, so hopefully, you can make a way for them. So get a piece of paper right as many loved ones as you can think of, pour libations for them, cook for them, thank them, honor them, respect them, and them be known. If other names pop up, add them as well. Deeply understanding your connection to the realm you came from and the realm you will once return will only benefit you, so move forward confidently. Ase

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