New Moon in Libra | The Divine Mother | October 8, 2018



“This dark Moon marks the final and most heightened day of the otherworldly ancestral fortnight of Pitri Paksha that began on the Full Moon of Monday, September 24th. “

New Moon in Libra

On October 8th, 2018 we will be having a New Moon at 15 degrees Libra, the focus of this article will be on cooperation and partnerships. Like all New Moons, this represents a time to set intentions, the cultivating of present relationships and the realization of future ones. This represents a time of having and/or creating a stable understanding of how we fit into our partnerships if we even fit at all. The aspects to the New Moon will be an inconjunction to Neptune and a square to Pluto. This is a place where we will be dealing with some misunderstandings and evaluating the steps needed to bring clarity.  This time is ultimately bringing about what should be done next whether it is good, bad or indifferent. It’s important to set the intention to guide you through what could be an uncertain time.   Knowing what you want is important.

This New Moon in Libra falls in the Second Decan which is ruled by Saturn, making this new moon more of a serious tone. The seriousness simply represents whether you plan on being rewarded or punished for the decisions you make and ultimately examining why you make them. We all deal with certain illusions, delusions, and negative thought patterns at some level that we think will magically absolve themselves. The reality is that some problems take an effort to resolve. The biggest illusion is in the choices we make regarding the partners we choose and our conduct within our relationships.  New Moons represent a time where we can focus on the relationships we truly desire and examine how far we are from our desire. The sign that rules the second decan of Libra is Aquarius so this can be the decan where we can find release from heartbreak for the sake of our truth. The majority of people will simply ignore this time and play dumb to keep up appearances, don’t be like them. What you want is important.

new moon.JPG

New Moon inconjunct Neptune

Neptune in Pisces represents a point of true clarity, an inconjuction could highlight how are relationships disrupt or contribute to our clarity. When setting an intention with the New Moon if not clear, you will not enjoy clear results. In relationships that are not fully aligned the intentions you set will reflect that misalignment. Any blocks or obstructions to your clarity will be noticed, what you decide to do is a completely different story.

New Moon Square Pluto

Pluto in Capricorn represents transformation and ascension. When you factor in that this square to the New Moon and all its relationship implications it suggests to me that one should be very mindful on how their present situation can manifest in the future. What will this relationship lead to? If you are unaware of its direction, that may be all the understanding you need, because you should know the direction a relationship is headed.

Tarot Card of the Week — 3 of Swords

Weltschmerz is the depressing feeling you get when comparing the actual state of the world to the picture you have in your head of how the world should be, and knowing that the picture in your head can never exist.

I think this card speaks to the energy of this new moon and the beautiful part of it all is that it gives us a solution. Knowing that things can never be the way we want them to be is actually the beginning of our awakening. The reality is if things were exactly the way we wanted them to be in the first place we would have created Candy Land and died of diabetes already. The harsh realities aren’t as harsh as they appear to be if we can conceptualize the lesson of Saturn’s effect of Libra. Our minds and idealizations of our partners and the feeling when they don’t live up to that. We never factor in that maybe it was us that created this unrealistic expectation. How to overcome these feelings is to factor in the multitude of positive experiences available in this present moment. If you can’t see them clearly then use this New Moon to open you up to the possibilities of the moment.

Orisha of the Week — Oba


Oba is the Orisha of marriage and personal transformation, which makes her related to Libra the house of partnership. Oba is the very first wife of Shango, she was the ideal wife until she was tricked by her sister Oya. After being embarrassed and kicked out the kingdom she fled to the cemetery where she went through a personal transformation into her true power. We learn the most about ourselves through our relationships whether business or personal. These partnerships enhance our lives, make them worth living. Oba is the Orisha of the home but at the same time, she has fierce support and love for her husband even if it puts her in danger. In this feminist society, it is no wonder she is not as popular of an Orisha as Oshun or Oya. She represents feminine duty of the wife and mother, I personally do not see anything wrong with that. She creates new pathways that have not been invented that gives you respect and the ability to provide for your family. Oba is patient and a teacher. Her color is pink, burgundy, and red. She is a fighter and a warrior, she is also a protector. She is teaching us how to transmute our pain to become our highest self through our relationships. Oba is available.


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