Full Moon in Taurus | October 24th, 2018 | The Real You



October 24th, 2018 there will be a full moon in Taurus. This takes place in the first decan of Taurus at 1°while the sun will be at 1° Scorpio. This Full Moon activates a Grand Cross to the Nodes, the Sun will be conjunct Venus while the Moon will be conjunct Uranus. And this article we will discuss the card of the day as well as the Orisha of the week, Oshun Ibu Kole. The question that this full moon asks is whether you want to be a part of the whole or do you want to continue to struggle alone?

Full Moon in Taurus

The Sun in the First Decan of Scorpio is providing the individual with enough energy to bring about change in their life and this can be a positive or negative change. The Moon in the first Decan of Taurus is unapologetic in its desires and needs and more than likely it will get it. With this transit, it is important to be particularly honest with yourself and really get in tune and involved with the people you want to be with. The adverse effect is negative exposure and being exposed for being inauthentic. So the solution is to be your most authentic and honest self to bypass all embarrassment and negativity.   This energy is squared the North Node bringing that special thing that is great within you to the collective.  A square meaning that it will not be easy to bring it to the surface if you are afraid of challenges.

Sun conjunct Venus

The Sun conjunct Venus is more than likely giving you the freedom you are afraid to ask for and can be guiding you in the right direction unbeknownst to even you. Take a moment and look at where you are and see if this environment provides you with a way to learn yourself at a deeper level.  This placement really speaks to knowing yourself through others by realizing your magnetism and cause of your surroundings.  Simply put you have more power than you realize, the Full Moon is an illumination of that power if you choose to look and see. This energy is Sextile Saturn meaning working towards bringing the best energy to the group will advance the collective and your destiny is fulfilled.  You are an important piece to the puzzle.

Moon conjunct Uranus

The Moon conjunct Uranus is conspiring to bring your true nature to the surface. For some of us that is scary but for the rest of us it is deeply freeing and moving.  Your true nature is love, it is a powerful force that can change matter.  Through love, you can find purpose and through purpose, you will find your destiny.  This transit speaks to a shift in purpose, possessions, and moving one step closer to your destiny.  This energy is trine Saturn meaning aligning with your soul group may happen without effort so don’t try to find something that is coming to you.

Tarot Card of the Week

5 of Disks


“The Five of Pentacles can be an indication that deep spiritual change is needed”

Doing the same thing and wanting different results may be a theme during this Full Moon. The Card of the week the Five of Pentacles(Disks, Coins, Etc…) is about turning inward as opposed to making the same conditional decisions that leave you empty. It is about finally untangling the web of confusion and dealing with a level of clarity which is within you and available. It is ultimately about changing one’s old ways and taking a new direction as opposed to maintaining the fronts for a hopeless situation.

Orisha of the Week

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Oshun Ibu Kole

Taurus rules the second house of Astrology, the second house rules over possessions, but not just physical, also our traits and characteristics we value in ourselves. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus is the equivalent of Oshun in Yoruba, Ifa, and Santeria religions respectively. Oshun is the Goddess of fresh water, sensuality, prosperity, love, and fertility. Oshun is represented as a beautiful young woman. Oshun has many different paths or names, Oshun Ibu Kole is just one of those. This Oshun is the one who gathers dust from sweeping that takes care of the house or the one who picks through and recovers the garbage. She is inseparable from the vulture. Vultures are prominent in ancient mythology based on their ability to consume death and produce life. In Cuba, this version of Oshun is honored above all. She is the highest of all witches and knows how to make and cast spells. She is known to roll around in mud and is known as the lowest aspect of Oshun, which could also be translated as the most relatable. So, in other words, this Oshun goes through the darkness to get through the light, as if there is any other way to gain light.



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