New Moon in Scorpio | November 7th, 2018 | Mental Power


“It is not a matter of ends justifying means: but of the creation of new means and new ends.” ― Joseph O’Connor, Star of the Sea

On November 7th, 2018 we will be having a New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio, the focus of this article will be on using your mental powers and strengthening your mental weaknesses. The major aspect to this New Moon is a trine to Neptune providing attuning to higher frequencies if so desired. We will take a look at the Nakshatra this New Moon is triggering, as well as our Tarot Card of the Week, and also we will discuss the Orisha of the Week that speaks clearly to this New Moon energy.


New Moon in Scorpio

The 15-degree mark of Scorpio speaks to the early steps in developing your divine personality and corresponding with the divine. The major question with this full moon is, are you documenting your mind or developing your mind. Since so many of us tend to value ourselves at a surface level so much that we stop developing our mind. There is a consequence for that. So few of us develop our mind and connect to our soul. There is a reward for that. Following this New Moon, Jupiter enters Sagittarius and we will be embarking on the beginnings of a major shift of energy. What you have been building up for with this energy matters.

There has been a shift in our relationships no doubt and our needs have come to the surface. The New Moon in Scorpio is about setting an emotional intention that will suit you internally and mentally. This new moon shows up in the realms of sexual encounters and courtship. There are relationships we tolerate, these relationships are the most dangerous because there is something bubbling under the surface that is not for you. Then there are the relationships we support, these relationships are the most sought after because everyone is going in the same direction. So with that said my intention to set this new moon is an intention of depth over the surface, healthy boundaries over being used. Ultimately setting the intention to be in the collective that is going in the same conscious direction and also that everyone is helping the collective get to that direction.

New Moon Trine Neptune

The reality is that you may be tempted off course for a reason because that course is not the right course for you. Be sure to use this energy to trust the outcomes of situations as saving graces. Don’t look at outcomes as if you lost. You find your purpose from within so take some time to allow Scorpio’s waters to cool and relax you. Develop your mental powers and heal any mental illness to tap fully into those powers.


Vishaka Nakshatra

“The Star of Purpose”

“A lunar mansion is a segment of the ecliptic (often called a station or house) through which the Moon passes in its orbit around Earth, often used by ancient cultures as part of their calendar system.”

If worked with during the New Moon: the power to achieve many goals, deep ambition, and ultimate victory.

If ignored during the New Moon: a basic feeling of hoping that good will come from bad or that the ends will justify the means regardless of how vile.

6_of_Cups_thoth_vetaqw (1)

Tarot Card of the Week

6 of Cups

Deep renewal of the spiritual self and finding the joy of life from within. Finding your center and opening up to life and all it has to offer. The feeling of deep joy that cannot be faked or ignored. If you are trying to ignore or fake it you will be stuck mentally and in a place of fear. When you are in a place of love and joy, fear cannot survive and this is the real pleasure we speak to.


Orisha of the Week

Oya y Shango

Many eons ago, Shango was involved in an endless war. He had fought for many days and killed many of his enemies, but this time there were more than he could kill. At once he was surrounded.

He searched for his horse, Enchile, but he was nowhere to be found. His enemies approached closer. He had hidden enough to escape to Oya’s cabin in the middle of the woods.

When she saw Shango she was startled, “What happened to you?” she exclaimed

Shango began to tell Oya what happened to him. He needed Oya’s help. Oya thought for a second and told Shango. “When night falls, you will put on one of my dresses, and you will escape. I’m going to cut my hair to save my kings life.”

When nightfall came and they executed the plan perfectly to escape. Shango was not afraid of his enemies, he did not lack courage, he was simply overworked and needed some help and rest.

With proper rest, Shango came back fired up ready to defeat his enemies. The interesting thing he never took Oya’s hair and Oya’s hair remained cut. The declaration was that whenever Oya helps Shango there is a victory.

What is being shown in this Pataki is that when you align your masculine and feminine energy you are ultimately invincible. The other lesson is that even though you may have done a lot on your own, you can not do everything on your own.


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