Full Moon in Gemini | November 23rd, 2018 | Twin Stranger


On November 23rd, 2018 there will be a full moon in Gemini. the sun will be at 0 degrees of Sagittarius the moon will be zero degrees of Gemini, the energy will be speaking to the relief from tension confirmation and consummation. This time represents the realization of ancestral energy and its wonderful manifestations. In this article, we will be discussing this full moon and its aspects and various esoteric concepts surrounding this glorious time of existence.

Full Moon in Gemini represents a resolution of Duality into a fluid pattern of understanding. If we are to understand Gemini we are and also understanding all realms of thought. Understanding Gemini is the entrance of cosmic energy and fully understanding the “Shadow”.

The Sun in Sagittarius is determined by how well we use our wisdom, judgment, and ultimately power. This placement speaks to creation whether it be for positive or negative. We are always creating. In astrology, Sagittarius leads to Capricorn and this symbolizes “the path that leads to ascension”. This full moon corresponds to the individual’s vision and focuses when it comes to their goals.


The sun will also be conjunct Jupiter and be apart of what I like to call “The Alchemist’s Grand Trine”. This placement speaks to an abundance that could be found through alternatives. When we deal with the forces higher than the intellect we deal with the results and manifestations of that correspondence. The sun is in a position of relief while the Moon is in a position of effort through Clarity and consummation. During this time we should vibrate and move towards the things that we would like to make real by creating new dimensions of reality through self-discovery, self-realization, and ultimately soul-manifestation. If we are able to follow our psychic consciousness then we are able to be guided to our ultimate destination.

The Moon and the sun are both square Mars in Pisces. This placement represents traffic and how we navigate traffic. Whether we live in a traffic jam of energy or whether the energy is free-flowing and moving efficiently. We should understand the more dynamic and complex our relationships are with ourselves and other individuals the more rewarding those relationships are. This square shows up in one-sided relationships and situations that only benefit one person. If you can move towards reciprocal relationships you can move towards your personal truth. The Sun conjunct Jupiter is inconjunct Uranus and this placement speaks to a confused mind dealing with a clear soul, if you are able to follow your soul then you will not be confused.


The Nakshatra of the Week

Krittaka Nakshatra — The Cutters — Sun — Star of Fire

“A lunar mansion is a segment of the ecliptic (often called a station or house) through which the Moon passes in its orbit around Earth, often used by ancient cultures as part of their calendar system.”

If worked with: High Goals leadership, refinement, burn and purify negativity

If ignored: Anger and over indulgement



Tarot Card of the Week

8 of Swords

8 of Wands

The elements that comprise our Cards of the week are Air and Fire. The vibration of this full moon is energetic and mental. These cards speak to the shadow and creating a healthy relationship with it or being disturbed by it. If we incorporate the Sun/8 of wands energy of speed with the knowledge of the Moon/8 of Swords ability to cause from a universal perspective, we all could have an opportunity to raise ourselves to new levels personally.


Orisha of the Week

The Marassa / Ibeji / Hero Twins

The twin archetype is an ancient archetype that you will find predates most modern civilization. This archetype represents the dualistic nature of the universe and the individual. We have the shadow or the doppelganger(twin stranger) which represent the side we were born with that is ultimately complementary. In life, we have pairings life and death, sky and earth, day and night, male and female, two sides of a single entity. When we are able to think and operate on an energetic and mental level we are naturally making 2 become one. The reality of Twin energy is that it manifests as one soul and two bodies, duality, interdependency. From two all is born.


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  1. Awsome pictures. What is that one with the vase (that looks like a head) in the river and the two serpents?one is holding an egg and presenting it to the other. Anyway, there are so much in that picture… Where does that come from? ( i did Google the key (tags) words but did’nt find an explanation of that one coming from.
    Anyway great and clever and inspiring article. And great advice. I also like being given the image of traffic. Makes me thnk about the chi, even feng shui principle, blood circulation also. I m going t take a walk right now ha ha


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