New Moon in Sagittarius | 12/7/18 | Anticipation

On December 7th, 2018 we will be having a New Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius, this is a time when we will deal with revelation, rewards, and recovering. New Moons are perfect times to set intentions and move forward with the energy. This New Moon coincides with Mercury stationing direct. It is also square a Mars and Neptune conjunction in Pisces bringing the tension needed to activate those unconscious powers.

A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon come conjunct every 28 days. This conjunction in Sagittarius speaks to the concept of prospective, the idea that something is likely to happen certainly. At a deeper level, it speaks to your hidden knowledge coming to the surface. This hidden knowledge we all possess has the possibility of being the source of your confidence. The idea is to use these abilities and knowledge with integrity or deal with certain consequences. This New Moon on a conscious level can exemplify the value of anticipating future events and how well you are prepared for them.

This New Moon has a square to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. You can see the blending of masculine and feminine energies on both sides of this aspect. Ultimately this time represents a test, a challenge of residual negative energy that rests deep in your being rising to the surface and how you match it with positive energy. The hope is to not let negativity cloud or block your positive workflow. So let’s take an opportunity to see how this energy can manifest.

New Moon at 15 degrees of Sagittarius square Neptune and Mars in Pisces

Holding on (darkness) Not doing anything (darkness)
Passive (Neptune) Active (Mars)
Letting Go (illuminated) Being the cause(illuminated)
Love, Optimism, Trust (Result) Rewards, Luck (Result)
Complacency, Vanity (shadow) Misfortune (shadow)

This table is showing you how this energy will play out on many different levels. My advice is to utilize both energies to get the desired results one is looking for. All New Moons represent times to set intentions, the goal is to not be blinded by our blocks but empowered by our vision.

Coinciding with this New Moon Mercury Stations direct creating even more problem solving for the native to endure. So it is best to understand the concepts being thrown out there and how you can navigate through this sea of confusion. Within is there is a pull to whats natural as opposed to what society finds acceptable. So when it comes to spontaneity our habits stand in the way of tapping into what our energy is trying to really say. The goal is for you to tap into your creative nature and step outside of your competitive nature to really go forward in this Sagittarian energy.

Jyestha Nakshatra

“The Eldest”

“A lunar mansion is a segment of the ecliptic (often called a station or house) through which the Moon passes in its orbit around Earth, often used by ancient cultures as part of their calendar system.”

If worked with: positions of leadership, courage, and authority

If ignored: misplaced dominance and overprotectiveness

Tarot Card of the Week

9 of Wands


The 9 of Wands represents the forces that activate unconscious energies and from this realization, we develop intuition or we go crazy. Our path is personal and does not include delusions of grandeur.

“Have no delusions of grandeur or plotting schemes. Have flawless confidence because you are worthy and sacred.”
― Donna Goddard

Orisha of the Week — Obatala  

The Orisha of the Week is oldest and wisest of them all Obatala.  It is said that Obatala created Earth and the Human body.  He represents purity and uncovering mysteries.  He also can show up as she, there are many Caminos (paths) for Obatala that show up as a woman.  Obatala can be Young or Old.  Everything about obatala is White representing the purity.  He likes order and a clean environment, he is also very patient when it comes to his children. and is known to listen to you when no other orisha won’t.  His number is 8 and his counterpart within Santeria is the Virgin of Mercy.  Since Obatala created human beings we can all call on this energy in our times of need.  Obatala is the Orisha of this Full Moon in Sagittarius, even though he comes with a sword, he will be fighting for you and your path.  


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