Full Moon in Cancer | 12/16/2018 | Good News

On December 22, 2018, there will be a Full Moon at 0 degrees in cancer. Throughout the course of the Winter Solstice weekend, the Moon will be in direct alignment with the fixed star Sirius and conjunct Betelgeuse. This energy speaks to inundation, fulfillment, and fertility. This Full Moon combined with a Winter Solstice, in particular, speaks to the reality that we choose our story.

The Moon in Cancer

The Moon at 0 Degrees Cancer is caught in between social norms and personal excellence.  Realizing that a majority of society is set up for a life less than your best, you may be faced with a major decision regarding your best interest.  When the moon finally gets what it wants, it is followed by the responsibility to maintain that which is procured. The moon may also deal with envious and competitive spirits that don’t practice manifestation and use you as a scapegoat.  All in all, it is a beautiful time by those touched by this Moon and for some, the light must come from darkness. They are both good states to be in.

The Sun in Solstice and Capricorn Opposed the Moon

The Sun at 0 Degrees Capricorn is developing its spiritual values and reminding itself of its authority and responsibility to shine daily. This energy opposing the Moon is really making sure you are in the best position to shine. The reality of being in situations, relationships, career choices, circumstances, and friends that dim your light is present and hard to ignore.  Don’t lash out at the external it wasn’t them that did it. What needs to happen is that you create a spiritual system that works for you and take control of your own manifestation process. The dark side of this Full Moon is the rising of the victim narrative and the total absence of spiritual power in the individual.

Full Moon T-Square

There is a T-Square associated with this Full Moon, although it is presenting itself as a massive challenge it is also providing you with an opportunity to rise to the occasion or buckle under the pressure you created from your lies. The Full Moon is Square Chiron and Mars in Pisces. The challenge or fortune is when you are able to provide receipts for your claims or can explain how what you say is true. The ones who cannot back up their claims will deal with the consequences during this transit. The aspect to Chiron is manifesting whatever was created during the most recent New Moon in Sagittarius. This could be a sexual encounter, a business meeting, a first date, a promise, a ritual, that will be answered the weekend of the Full Moon and Winter Solstice.


This Full Moon is associated with a multitude of Fixed Stars bringing with it a return of celestial ancient energy. In Ancient Egypt observed the star Sirius(Sopdet) as one of the most important stars for it represented the coming of the New Year, this current full moon is in direct alignment with this fixed star. For the Ancient Egyptians, they connected the coming of Sopdet in the sky with the flooding of the Nile. So it serves us to see the connections in the sky and welcome the flood of goodness in our lives as our ancestors would.

The Nakshatra of the Week

The Nakshatra associated with this Full Moon is Arda. The Arda Nakshatra represents the dew in the morning. The freshness of the mind when you make the right decision. The star associated with this Nakshatra is Betelgeuse and the deity associated is Rudra, the destructive aspect of Shiva. This represents the protection against enemies as you ascend through life.  The symbol here is the teardrop, not in the crying sense but in the renewal sense. The dark side or uninitiated side of this aspect is sadness and sorrow based on misunderstanding the process of change. If you are ready to speak uncomfortable truths and encourage transformation in yourself and others this is going to be a powerful Full Moon and an excellent precursor to the Eclipse Season.

Image result for 2 of cups thoth

The Card of the Week

The 2 of Cups speaks to the foundational experience of this Full Moon and that is Love. The spiritual connection between people that exists, whether we acknowledge it or not. If we work towards equality and accepting of differences in others and create a space of bliss outside of control we have mastered the art of love. The dark side of this card is the jealousy and possessiveness that this love also creates. Your job with this energy is to teach people how to love you because they do not know. So don’t assume people do. Don’t waste your time with people who are not interested in learning how to love you and vice versa. The idea we are focused on moving into 2019 is Reciprocation.

Image result for sopdet predynastic

The Deity of the Week — Sopdet

Sopdet – Egyptian | Sothis, Sirius, the Dog Star — Greek | Canis Major — Astronomy

The brightest of all fixed stars and regarded as the most important star in the sky in Kemet (ancient Egypt). So you have the most celebrated civilization of all time and the most important celestial aspect which connected is reign on earth. Some mysteries regard Sopdet as the true light and the original source of all life including our Sun and Planet. The Sun in the sky lights up the illusionary world but Sopdet is said to keep the spiritual world alive. Sopdet was worshipped in predynastic times all the way into Roman Times as Sothis and even today as Canis Major, “the Dog Star”. Sopdet was seen to be riding a dog or Anubis into the afterlife. She is good to use for cleansing your ancestors in the afterlife and bringing in floods of resources for the coming New Year. You may have not heard about Sopdet because her symbolism and meaning were absorbed into Isis or Auset due to other legends about the star. The original story is that she is the wife of Orion and the mother of Venus. She seems like a healthy deity to deal with moving into 2019, so do your research, prepare your offerings, and get ready for the flood.



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