Blue Magic Compendium (Wealth Magic)

Blue Magic Compendium


Blue Magic Part 1:

  • The Color Blue’s main symbol is the sky and the sea (limitless abundance)
  • Visualize the limitless abundance available to you
  • Imagine the calmness and serenity that comes with having all your financial needs met


Blue Magic Part 2:

  • Money as a Spiritual Being
  • What are the characteristics of your Money Spirit?
  • What does this spirit like?
  • What are your deepest desires?
  • The nature of the spirit is moving.
  • invest in your pleasures
  • We are not trying to work all day and then spend our money on coping with the fact we work all day
  • A refocus on pleasure


Blue Magic Part 3:

  • If you have money issues then you don’t understand the nature of money or you are repelling money at a deep subconscious level
  • Do you hate rich people, are they evil?
  • Examine all negative feelings or thoughts surrounding money and exercise them.
  • You have the wealth that you feel you deeply deserve or feel you should have.
  • Blue Magic is the changing of those beliefs through reexamining your alternative beliefs


Blue Magic Part 4:

  • Exorcisms of negative attitudes towards worth
  • Divinatory practices exploring your deepest desires
  • Invoking your wealth entity
  • The idea is to go beyond simple money spells and law of attraction rhetoric
  • Creating a mechanism or a channel for the money to flow
  • Not just hoping money flies in from the sky
  • Carefully crafted investments

Source: Liber Kaos | Peter Carroll


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