Psychic Individuation

Psychic Individuation

individuation can be defined as the achievement of self-actualization through a process of integrating the conscious and the unconscious.

Psychic “of or pertaining to the human soul” (adj.)

the self as many things including:

psychic structure

  • — a behavioural sequence and not centres of action. In this analysis, percepts, thoughts, images, wishes, fantasies, affects and internal objects are contents, not dynamic systems that make things happen. Only people make things happen, employing operational systems as tools of adaptation. — Chaos Magick

developmental process

  • — System of defined steps and tasks such as strategy, organization, concept generation, marketing plan creation, evaluation, and commercialization of a new product. It is a cycle by means of which an innovative firm routinely converts ideas into commercially viable goods or services.

transcendental postulate (Fact)

  • — Quantity
  • Quality(Reality),
  • Modality(Possibility/Actuality),
  • Relation (Causality)

Effective experience — Branding

  • Effective Does Not Equal Good |
  • An Experience Is Not Effective Unless It Is REMEMBERED
  • | An Experience Is Not Effective Unless It Is BRANDED |
  • An Experience Is Not Effective Unless It Highlights CONTRAST |
  • For those smart enough, a recession might just be a better time to win!


  • model, first form, original pattern from which copies are made,
  • arkhe “beginning, origin, first place” typos “model, type, blow, mark of a blow”


It has been depicted as the totality of body and mind, the God image, the experience of overpowering feelings, the union of opposites and a dynamic force which pilots the individual on his/her journey through life.


“The aim of individuation is nothing less than to divest the self of the false wrappings of the persona on the one hand and the suggestive power of primordial images on the other.”


“The self is relatedness… The self only exists inasmuch as you appear. Not that you are, but that you do the self. The self appears in your deeds and deeds always mean relationship.”


“Consciousness should defend its reason and protect itself, and the chaotic life of the unconscious should be given the chance of having its way too – as much of it as we can stand. This means open conflict and open collaboration at once. ” (ibid, para 288)


“only experienced by those who have gone through the wearisome but indispensable business of coming to terms with the unconscious components of the personality.”

( 1954, para 430)


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