Secret Societies | Mercury Sextile Uranus

Mercury Sextile Uranus

Mercury entering into Pisces

  • METAMORPHOSIS — initiation into the higher realms, joining a sacred company
  • The capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.
  • CONSCIOUS TOTALITY OF BEING. — a multiplicity of individuals, the unity of consciousness
  • The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence.
  • The understanding of how life works and self-illumination
  • Thoughtless reaction to fantasy

Uranus 29 Degrees of Aries

  • TO LISTEN TO THE INNER VOICE — to listen without personalizing this Voice in a glamour-producing manner.
  • Attunement to cosmic order
  • Veneration– great respect; reverence.
  • Spiritual Dramatization of Daily Life
  • Effective manifestation
  • Sefl-Deception and the acceptance of a fantasy

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