Freedom | Mars Conjunct Uranus Transit

February 12th, 2019

Mars Conjunct Uranus

The hypothalamus is located immediately beneath the thalamus. It is part of the limbic system. Although quite small and weighing only four grams, it is where the states of mind are expressed, be it the worldly mind, the wordless awareness mind or the Buddha mind. It plays a role in almost all aspects of behavior, including eating, sexual activity, sleep, body temperature, mood, internal secretion, and movement.”

“The masses are not doing the work….YOU ARE.”

Uranus gives a strong sense of freedom that is achieved only when you are awakened.

  • (Buddha)
  • If awakened fully to the observer it looks like revolt or disrupting the status quo
  • Whatever Uranus represents for the individual it sparks something new
  • The process initiated by Uranus goes at a subliminal level at the beginning but comes out with a bang when it completes.

The major role of the planet is of bringing about changes.   A benefic Mars means physical as well as mental stability.

Mars | Uranus 29 Degrees of Aries

    • TO LISTEN TO THE INNER VOICE — to listen without personalizing this Voice in a glamour-producing manner.
  • Attunement to cosmic order
  • Veneration– great respect; reverence.
  • Spiritual Dramatization of Daily Life
  • Effective manifestation
  • Sefl-Deception and the acceptance of a fantasy
  • Spiritual Independence
  • Following the Crowd

Deluge — The Tower

| To create is to bring something forth from nothing.  Starting Over for the sake of creation. To resist the wisdom within is to cling to nothing.  Emotional upheaval that reveals core issues or true aspects of self.


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