New Moon in Pisces Vedic Astrology April 5th 2019

April 5th New Moon in Pisces


Sun/Moon in Pisces

    • Projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment.
    • We may thus prefigure a future state of fulfillment in conscious harmony and unpossessive love.
    • every individual has as his ultimate conscious task the weaving of his “immortal body,” his Gnostic Robe of Glory.
      • Diligence towards the idea of the genius
      • Acceptance of a dull routine for fake security
    • Becoming a unique being of light, this is the fulfilment of our desire to differentiate and express ourselves entirely creatively.


  • The opp to raise the genius — See etymology


Square | Saturn/Pluto is in sAGITAR

    • The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.
    • a balancing of accounts
    • Self-dedication and the rewards
    • Self exploitation and the consequences


  • What people feel about you is the block for one its not real and for 2 it blocks your purpose



Mercury/Neptune in Aquarius Sextile Saturn/Pluto

    • The Image of the Resurrection spurs all men within the pale of Christendom to appear at their very best and to dynamize themselves in some kind of self-renewal in response to the Christ mythos, and to the call of nature’s springtime as well.
    • the individual person and the collectivity are brought together in a significant performance which subtly strengthens the communal spirit directly or indirectly.
    • Finding yourself and mythology if you feel lost


  • Trust your spirit to guide you
  • Spirit has to be tested to be felt



Karmically this card’s primary meaning is that of travel and liberating yourself from a painful situation in a past life. “Whatever you have been working on has taken off and the results are beginning to show. The future looks bright and rosy from where you are standing. The Three of Wands brings with it a sense of personal power and becoming aware of your place in the world. It is a time of wonderful growth and personal development. You are ready to spread your wings and take on the whole world.” ~ Teachmetarot.


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