The New Minstrel Show is Hip-Hop

Goals for this Video

  • Show the connections to Freemasonry and theater
  • Freemasonry and black music
  • Hip hop is the new minstrel and its implications not on you but the youth


  • Blackface did not start in America It started in GB | Othello
  • White men who dressed as black men in stage productions
  • Shakespeare is revered by freemasonry
  • One could fair to say that Modern TV and Movies and Music is a Freemason invention


  • Who is Shakespeare? No one knows but there is a famous black female poet that fits the bill amellia bassano or lanier.  
  • The end of her life was spend her life as a wife to a minstrel
  • Would make sense who the “Ma” is who the “Sons” are if we are keeping with tradition accurately

The Lodge

  • The Elks started off as minstrel show performers.  In line with shakespeare
  • Elks borrowed rituals and practices from Freemasonry
  • Every city and state is connected to a lodge or multiple lodges
  • Black Face is portrayed by various white men and black men portraying stereo types

What is Blackface

  • The Black Minstrel Tradition
  • Stereotypes for a mixed audience
  • Happy contented Blacks in a plantation setting
  • exaggerated features
  • Keeping it Real — Authenticity
  • Coon Songs — outlaw sex symbol. and his adventures. he fought and a liberating figure — coon characters could be as wild and crazy as they want to be
  • african american playing racist material
  • comic performance in black face
  • replays stereotypes
  • almost always for a mixed audience (music buyer statistics)
  • happy contented blacks on a plantation setting
  • stereotypes and minstrel shows
  • parody
  • virginia minstrels
  • barnum painted jubas face black so the crowds would think he was white
  • he would have contests he died early
  • 2 real coons as a distinction

Wenches, Prima Donnas, and Mulattoes

  • Men dressed as women, highly sexual, takes pride in accuracy
  • Dressed in expensive clothes
  • Accuracy

Real Coon

  • The premise of minstrel is to copy with authenticity
  • It is not to actually live that life
  • It is to parody, sensationalize, and create a false narrative
  • Most black artists died young

Minstrel to Hip Hop

  • minstrel is a europeans parody of black culture
  • minstrel is the origin of popular music
  • popular music and technology is deeply linked
  • hip hop is a part of the minstrel tradition
  • Mixed Audience — from real coon to a real nigga
  • This is based on the youth not knowing the history
  • Or to think they are creating something new

Hip Hop to Gangs to Secret Society

  • Most rap artists are apart of gangs
  • Most rap artists are apart of secret socities
  • The art is to act authentic not to really be authentic
  • Its an artform
  • Gangs have ruined families, lives, and communities
  • Based on funding and protection and rites from secret societies
  • If we can understand that most rappers are masons

Masonic Funeral

  • Is a rite afforded to “33rd” degree masons in good standing
  • There is a ceremony performed for those who may or may have not known his works
  • This can be a public ceremony
  • Items in plain sight are ignored by the general public
  • In order to look beneath the surface one would have to look deeper
  • Names and Places

Lauren London

  • Lauren = Laurel Tree
  • The rite
  • Apollo gets shot with gold ensuing passion
  • While Daphne gets shot with lead
  • She begged to be free of him and he was turned into a laurel tree
  • As a laurel tree he gave daphne all of his powers
  • Turning Daphne into a cultural symbol for him and other poets and musicians

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