Astrology Update | Vedic New Year | April 12th – 14th 2019

Vedic New Year

This video we will focus on the fruits of soul consciousness based on the current astrological transits as we prepare for a Full Moon on the 19th.  


Venus Sextile Saturn

Sun Square Pluto

Sun Trine Jupiter



Setting the table, Prepping your Altar, preparing for the moment of manifestation.

Renewal, conspiracy(planning) how freedom occurs

The rise of soul consciousness brings about a harvest on whatever you have been spending your energy on


Sextile = Effort



The removal of boundaries when it comes to the higher self and soul consciousness

Pure Group Harmony

The overcoming of the Ego and its separateness

The integration of higher consciousness finds happiness in togetherness



Is in a space of recieving what has been prepared for

Fruition and Reaping

Inner fulfillment

Important time to not give your energy away and making past a threshold

Undestanding the spikes of energy if you are feeling low begin to rise


Square  = irreconcilible



Getting Credit for the work you have done

And how do you feel?

Why do you things? For recognition or because it serves your soul?

If you honor your soul? Your soul will honor you.



Being open and prepared for an influx of spiritual energy?

Spirit blows through an open mind.  

When the mind is closed spirit gets blocked and stagnant


Trine  = inherent so it is often unrecognized



Remaining true to the soul and allow her to guide you

There will be a great migration taking place.  

Its good to get a head start on it now.  

Start researching the ideal places for you and your family

Trust in the good fortune that is about to bless your life



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