Jupiter Retrograde 2019 and what it means

retroApril 10th, 2019 thru August 11th, 2019

Jupiter (SAGITTARIUS 1°): Members of a shared experience reflect on the memories

KEYNOTE: The will to remind us of the fact that we have suppressed memories of trauma and victory. To get to the ultimate victory the trauma must be uncovered, brought to the surface, and exercised.

  • Two important factors are revealed in this symbol:
  • Connections are linked by a common past that has yet been uncovered
  • Isolation is created when we struggle against nature
  • We seek to find power in isolation but we do not find it
  • Until we examine the things that bother us and distract us we will not be able to tap into our power
  • The cusp of Sag represents a slow burn that you cannot deny
  • This fire although destructive is the fire you need to create the future
  • Realizing you can’t do it alone
  • Realizing that you may have picked the wrong team members
  • You can allow this fire to burn down all things that hold you back
  • To give you the enlightenment of the path necessary moving forward
  • More importantly, this placement speaks to a perpetuation
  • So whatever path you set your flame that will be the path that will be available
  • So whether you choose to destroy or create |  either are abundant
  • The more negativity you burn the more optimistic this time will be
  • The more you allow your trauma and disappointment eat at you the more it will seem as though you are burning from the inside out

Tarot Cards

1st Decan of Sag — 8 of Wands

Sag Major Arcana — Art


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