Saturn/Pluto Retrograde 2019

Pluto will Retrograde April 24th, 2019 until October 3rd, 2019.

Saturn will Retrograde April 29th, 2019 until September 18th, 2019.

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The primary point to studying astrology is to engage in the theory that our natural life reflects the cosmos in reference to the universal law, as above so below.

Saturn and Pluto in one form or another will have been conjunct January 2018 until December 2021. These cycles happen every 33 years or so. Whether Saturn is conjunct, square, or opposed to Pluto there is always a sense of crisis and reaction.


Saturn/Chronos is seen with a sickle symbolizing the need to remove the dead crops in preparation for a new season. Saturn is also the father of time or could represent time in it’s minute to minute sense. Given enough time you can accomplish a lot or suffer an insurmountable amount. Time also represents contracts and agreements. Signing a bad deal based on Saturn retrograde could mean a reversal of fortune, based on when the contract ends. Saturn Retrograde could mean an end to things that once held us captive in preparation for a new simulation.

Pluto within itself represents the world changing and evolving. The principle of Entropy and transformation. Sometimes the transformation requires you to explore the depths of your soul or it can make you answer for rash decision making. It brings to surface the things that you have suppressed. I was taking a walk and imagined myself singing karaoke. I realized that this idea of me singing on stage must be something I should pursue or else why am I visualizing it. This is how Pluto can show up. When thoughts surface that may be far from your norm, the idea is to follow those thoughts.


With Pluto’s influence on Saturn, you get to see it empowered and expanded. Pluto, in theory, takes something small and makes it big. So your negative focus or positive empowered will be expanded during this transit. In Theory.

Saturn is the actual personification and archetype of Time. The question he always asks is if are you using your time wisely. The interesting thing is that Time is said to devour all things and this represents Saturn. Pluto representing entropy is outside of time, in essence, it can be the past, present, and future at the same time. Your psychic nature/Pluto thus is at odds with Saturn/Time. The ancients dealt with this by farming techniques that were passed down from generation to generation. The goal was to share knowledge and information because they knew they wouldn’t live forever. So Saturn represents maturity, restraint, and ultimately how you prepare for “death”. If both planets are esoterically incorporated it would seem that by balancing your active pursuits and cosmic context you will overcome your limits. The goal is to get rid of what you don’t need to prepare for what’s to come. If Pluto is incorporated then what is to come will be greatly increased.

During a Saturn Retrograde, the planet takes on the role of Jupiter. The relentless pressure of time and money will be softened.  Retrograde represents a form of reversing as such the qualities should reverse of the planet. Retrogrades tend to come with past experiences in a new time. Thus it seems to make new things seem familiar.  If anything it is a test of what you will do in a new situation. Will you just cling to what you are used to doing or will you try something new?  If fears, limitations, or restrictions plague you, then this time represents a point to heal our psyche/soul to overcome these things. What is hopefully accomplished is a greater realization of the whole person.  In order for that to happen there has to be a release from the past.

Ultimately people fear the destruction of old systems no matter how much they pray for a new world. Saturn/Pluto retrograde may be the destructive part of the new world which is to come. In Theory.


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