Alchemy Explained: The Nigredo Phase

Alchemy Explained: The Nigredo Phase

What: Alchemy

Why: A rebirth to a new sense of self

How: Visualization | However you are moved.

Where: In your mind and your soul.



Alchemy or Khemeioa or Khemia or Kemet the land of black earth. You can trace this word back to the Proto Indian word gheu “to pour”. Another word that shares this as a root word is God. So simply put the work of Alchemy is the work of God. These words at some point in time in our ancient history were synonyms. One could argue but first, let us take a look at Genesis 1 and view it from the alchemical lens.

The Elements: Fire/God | Earth/Attachments | Water/Emotions

“For Our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:29

Psychological Alchemy(PA) is very direct and abstract.  The goal of Alchemy is to purify and awaken you to your greater self.  God/Fire separates/purifies our light/illumination from darkness/misery. He does it in two ways via two elements earth and water. Earth is the body and Water is our emotions. In the beginning, Heaven and Earth were created, thus, in the beginning, the soul and the body was created. Alchemy is an attempt to unite heaven and earth in an alchemical marriage. The overall theme is to purify the old self through fire. This fire resides in our heart. The first phase of Alchemy is Negredo (The Blackening). We must first separate darkness from light.

The Nigredo Phase:

In order to get a true sense of who we are, we need to purify our earthly attachments to the world. We need to purify the emotions that we center on survival. We free ourselves from these attachments to attain a clearer sense of who we are. By being attached to worldly concepts and negative emotions, we cannot see ourselves. This is why the all-consuming fire is necessary to burn away all things that represent our old self to reveal our new self. In the beginning, heaven was created too, we just forgot that part, that is why this process is important. The Nigredo process is a process of letting go of the unconscious habits we no longer we want to deal with.  Instead of being passive about it, you are being direct about metaphysically burning the negative emotions and attachments as they rise.


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