Full Moon in Scorpio – Vedic Astrology – May 18th, 2019


Anuradha Nakshatra


The Full Moon will be in sidereal Scorpio at 5:11 EST in the Lunar Mansion of Anuradha Nakshatra. Since the New Moon, there has been an activation of new energies that will begin to materialize. The overall feeling of these changes will present a natural uneasiness as the dust settles. The emphasis here is on the continuation of the understanding of your new inner self and from that begin to apply yourself differently to the outside world. The energy will speak to an understanding of levels of existence and how the collision of them all can be disturbing at first.  There is an understanding between the soul and the human self that may have been forgotten and this Full Moon represents a cosmic memory restored.  So leading up to the new moon a dream journal is strongly advised.

Full Moon in Scorpio

I am not my fears. It is safe for me to live without guarding and defending myself all the time. When I feel afraid, I open my heart and let love dissolve the fear.

(Louise L. Hay)

The Moon in this place is very social and more in the service of working with others. We are enhanced when working with others. This will be a tough moon to be isolated. So if possible, make plans to do something constructive and social. Possibly a Sip and Paint, Dinner with an old friend, finish that business plan with your partner, etc…

The Sun has been busy activating new friendships and possibilities recently, the aspect to the moon will begin to point out the communities, clubs, and parties that suit us personally. So the initial part of understanding your inner self really comes into focus during this time, based on knowing your tastes and true sensibilities.

This Full Moon is best impacted and noticed when we are humble for our experience and when we are grateful for the people in our lives. The trouble shows up when someone is being taken advantage of and not fully compensated for their time and energy. The reality of being given what we deserve will be something to keep an eye out on for the remainder of Saturn’s/Pluto’s Retrograde. The Sun will be Trine Saturn and Pluto, so if you have just recently suffered a loss of any kind, this Full Moon will be the path out of the darkness to getting your life in order.


A Scorpio Full Moon is based in the Alchemical functions of turning lead to gold. Whatever lead like situations in our lives that can be refined will begin to show themselves. The problem with changing and getting better is that it is very difficult to do at first. This Scorpio Moon will present some dark emotions that you may not want to face but come out better on the other side. The Moon’s placement in the Second house may be putting a lot of Career Stress that was happening around the New Moon in proper perspective. There will be a lot of things changing around for financial gain and the ability to pursue it in our full capacity.  Make sure you are in alignment with your goals.  The improvement of friends will ultimately improve your standing in life. So be open to cooperating and allowing things to grow naturally.

unnamed (1)

Venus/Uranus Conjunction in Aries

This Transit is a call to meditate and to focus. Instead of focusing on one small issue, the call would be to look at yourself as a whole, focus on yourself as a spiritual being. This alleviates problems within itself, where you figure you are weak, you really are strong. To know self, take some time out of your day to simply focus on self and nothing else. Creating this visualization of self no doubt creates with it a new attitude that must be adopted. The Goal here is separation and the art of not being triggered. Nothing should trigger you. When you are focused on the abstracted self you see life as more symbolic and things begin to have a larger scope. There have been many problems that have been solved previously up until the Full Moon. Imagine your present problems to have the same fate of being solved one day as well. The goal of Venus and Uranus being in conjunction is the hope that you take yourself seriously and view yourself as you truly are. The victim mentality is hoped to be quelled during this time. There is no negativity when studying yourself Astrologically, that can only happen in the human world, but if we are to learn the sublime truth of ourselves then to overcome issues is different because you realize you don’t have any. This conjunction is speaking to understanding yourself in Full God Mode.

The Cards of the Week — The Five of Swords & The Five of Disks


The Five of Cups is the Card of the Healer. The healer has been through sadness and pain, possibly more than you could ever imagine. The healer does not focus on the things he cannot change, he concentrates on the things he can. The healer resolves his/her worries and seeks to absolve all disappointment. The greatest power has come from change . Alchemically this card speaks to the change from one point to another. If you are in a crisis or paused by FEAR, this time is for you to see why, the initial feeling of this card could be sadness, but the overall meaning is in learning what’s actually holding you back. So what may feel like a betrayal or an attack is really a releasing of situations that were fated. The illusion that we are somehow in control will be tested during this time. The idea is to know yourself so much that you give everyone the space to process their mental and emotional issues while you process yours.

The Five of Disks is the Card of Pride.  The idea of seeking healing from the external world will only leave you more injured.  We can walk into the cold our whole lives never realizing that the true sanctuary and relief is found within.  This Card is for finally making the decision to make a situation better or to continue to get entangled and endure more suffering than you already have experienced.  Any perceived crisis is a simple call to go within and restore your self.  

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