How to Manifest all you Desire and More | New Moon in Taurus | Vedic Astrology | June 3rd, 2019


The New Moon falls conjunct the Ascendant and Part of Fortune in the constellation of Taurus on June 3rd, 2019. New Moons represent times to set intentions, this particular placement provides a window for ultimate manifestation. This is a glorious time that comes with a few caveats but if you are able to remain clear and determined you will certainly get what you want and more.

Nakshatra Rohini – the Star of Ascent.


The Lunar House that this New Moon falls in is Nakshatra Rohini. This is the seed of lunar energy, emotional energy, or energy that you feel. Now emotions can bring you up or bring you down but they all start with a seed. If we are to go into this new moon and truly plant a seed for the fruit we wish to bear, so it is.  The Deity that rules this Nakshatra is Brahma (The Law Giver. God of Knowledge).  It is said that he is the creative soul force of all life. And this Force resides in all of us. When we think we are separate from Brahma we are said to be disconnected to the Soul or creative force. To understand that we are apart and actually one with Brahma then this is the idea we need for proper manifestation. You are not separate from the soul, the ego just makes us think that. No deep meditation, ritual, or practice is required, only a simple understanding that you and the creative force on the planet are the same is all that is required. Many people are aware of this fact and live accordingly, while others keep the information to themselves, and the rest of us have no idea. We really buy into the idea of the Ego/Individual and we suffer from it.

New Moon at 18° Taurus


All New Moons represent times for setting an intention, the energy is in the material realm, so what manifests from this period is a material gain. That may sound like you can wish for anything but this particular Sabian symbol speaks to cleansing the Ego. Cleansing the Ego doesn’t mean you have to resort to panhandling, it just removes the blocks to recieving what the soul needs. So if you spend time leading up to this new moon shedding the Ego blocks, you are in fact preparing for a true Soul manifestation. We must learn the difference between Expect and Accepting. Expecting infers no action and waiting, while Accepting infers actively accepting and willing to receive what the Soul has to offer you. If you go into this New Moon with the intention of accepting what the soul has to offer, you are in fact aligning with your highest manifestation. There will be offers and the ones that we take will be based on whether we are satisfying our soul or our ego. The soul presents no consequences and the ego presents plenty of consequences, warnings, and negative results. The New moon is also conjunct the ascendant giving us an emotional and personal balanced manifestation.

Venus 29° Aries Trine Pluto 28° Sagittarius

The additional transits support the manifestation process. Venus Trine Pluto is offering freedom through the transformation of who you are. Its time to connect with others, the goal is to find like-minded individuals, your responsibility in this is to get your mind right. Learning to deal with your envy, jealousy, and greed to enter into a world of embracing people you can learn from. To find others whether personal or business is not an external quest for our tribe is found within. If we are able to tune within and listen to the Soul without our Ego we will hear clearly. When we factor our Ego’s needs with our spiritual pursuit we go nowhere. If you think that you are the whole and not the part, then you will never find your tribe. If you figure yourself a small part to a larger whole than it is easier to find your tribe. So the blocks are easy to find when it comes to the connection if we have something to offer then offer it if we don’t then we know what we need to work on.

Saturn 25° Sagittarius Sextile Neptune 24° Aquarius

Saturn is very goal oriented and is hoping that you are intending on things you plan to follow through on. As opposed to wishing for things that we really cannot handle. The more you are in tuned to the Soul/Brahma the more you know your limits and you know the things that can free you from your limits. To reach the level of manifestation that this New Moon provides you need to know that this is not found in passion it is found in experience and the fact you have overcome a lot. If you wish to break boundaries, the feeling that you will experience is gratitude once it is experienced, so the attitude before the work is the idea of gratitude. If the intention is focused on gratitude and giving then you can easily communicate what you intend to manifest with no block. Whatever you promise, make sure you follow through, and in that, you will no doubt experience what is promised to you.

Jupiter 26° Scorpio Square Neptune 24° Aquarius

This last transit presents what we need to reconcile within to get to where we intend. Change brings new situations and new responsibilities. Learning to be in harmony with change and nature presents clarity. Clarity presents the power to adapt and make the best of any situation. Preparing for change is planning to adapt to a new environment. You have to be clear that you want to change and you are not clear if passion is blocking you. In order to establish clarity examine your personal passions and look to rising above that. This New Moon by reducing yourself to Brahma/Soul/Creative Seed you will manifest wonders. We never know what we want until we get it and what we think we want is not what we truly want. Take one moment to understand that we don’t know what our soul wants, that in fact, we have to listen to what the soul wants to get full clarity. Full Clarity means that this New Moon will equal your ultimate Soul’s Desire manifestation.

Card of the Week – 6 of Pentacles/Disks/Earth


The Card of the week ties into the fact that this New Moon represents recieving something that we previously did not have. If we were in a submissive situation we will move into a position of dominance and with this power, we have to realize that things have to be done differently from an executive level. In helping one another and allowing yourself to be helped, you open up to change and change is supreme. After experiencing difficulties or if you find yourself in a bind accept the help that is being offered to you. Be careful not to act out of desperation, always value your effort, and realize that nothing comes for free. Other things this card speaks to is a material success and financial prosperity, opportunities to be involved in profitable ventures, understanding what it takes to be successful, and a reminder of all of your success thus far as a means for something to build on. This New Moon is understood through perception, if we perceive ourselves as a part of the creative soul then we naturally manifest as a part of the universe. If we find ourselves as this lonely insignificant person then we are simply reacting to a lie. The truth is that you and the universe are synonymous, you are but a wave of an ocean, life is but a grand rising and falling. We must take note of this moment in time of Great rising.  Happy New Moon from my family to yours.


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