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Mercury the Esoteric Ruler of Aries, is the ultimate spiritual guide. This understanding of Mercury will not be understood by many. Many understand Mercury to be the Ruler of Virgo and Gemini but these are an exoteric understanding, meaning that it exists but not through personal experience. Once you go through a life full of conflict and the resolution you end up with is a different understanding of energy that can be found in Mercury’s Hierarchical Rulership of Scorpio, the sign of alchemy. To fully understand Mercury. You have to descend back into a time before you existed(Sperm) and try to fathom how you ended in this space and time called the present(The individual). The energy that guides you along the path called life is what is referred to as a psychopomp, and the personification of the psychopomp archetype is Mercury. The personality of the individual is associated with Mercury and found within duality and the ability to communicate that duality. One of the reasons Mercury rules the Throat Chakra. If we are in a place where we are disconnected from the soul, then we do not communicate from the truth, Mercury is, in fact, that bridge between belief and truth. We must fight through the contradictions and paradoxes that life presents to create ultimate harmony between the individual and the soul. This is why Mercury is often referred to as the Messenger of Gods. The message and the conflict rest in illusion and the subsequent freeing from illusion. As the Esoteric Ruler of Aries, this is the beginning phase of spirit and matter, the initiation. As the exoteric ruler of Gemini, it deals with our split personality, the ego, and the soul. As the esoteric ruler of Virgo, it is connecting the Virginal Mother and the innocent child, allowing us to realize our connection to Earth. Finally, resting at the end of Scorpio as the manifestation of all experience after alchemy is completed.

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Mercury is the principle that releases the mind and allows us to follow that natural path we had when we were Sperm. Even Though we weren’t consciously thinking as Sperm we were no doubt being guided. The energy that was guiding us now and then is understood as Mercury. It was a part of a divine plan you were born, conscious thoughts block us from those thoughts, although they seem like aids to our life. So mercury isn’t “thinking” or “thought” it is removing that layer of confusion and dealing with “gnosis” (knowledge or spiritual mysteries). We access the “birthplace of divine ideas” when we explore the esoteric Mercury.

Mercury is much older than the Earth we are presently living on. Mercury was known for being the “first of the celestial Gods, the God Hermes, the first God of Magic. In Vedic thought, Mercury is Buddha, the God of wisdom, enlightenment, and awakening to the divine. Mercury is more Occult (hidden) than Venus, due to the fact that it is never seen but always felt. Mercury is also known to be one with the Sun, so you never see Mercury but you always see it. Mercury is said to be the older brother of the Earth, based on the fact that it receives 7 times more light than any other planet. Those who have been brought up through the discipleship of Mercury are said to be the enlighteners or illuminators of human conscience. Now you can see why.

In a world full of oppositions and resistance, Mercury provides you a reconciling of opposites and finding the path to the least resistance. In essence, Mercury is the mediator between the Human being and the Sun. Between normal life and universal consciousness. So Mercury’s role is to balance the relationship between the personality and the soul, the “tricky” part of Mercury is that it is able to function as the personality or soul at any given moment. So this balance is hard to detect if we are looking from one perspective. In Astrology the Sun and Mercury are never too far from one another, it plays its role as the perpetual companion of the Sun, unlike the rest of the planets who travel far away from the Sun on their own trajectory. In studying Astrology it would seem as if Mercury is “bound” to the Sun.

In Greek Mythology, Mercury is displayed with wings on his feet to express how he assisted the Sun on its Course through the Heavens. Understood as “sacred sperm”, it was seen as the Soul of Sperm, which is aroused through sexual activity. This energy sits at the depths of our being and rises through the body until it reaches the brain. This is one level of Mercury, the highest level can be found in Alchemy(Scorpio), where it is the origin and ultimately the crowning achievement simultaneously. Every King/Queen was once a Sperm Cell. This is what Mercury is constantly referring to, Growth.

Whosoever possesses the Mercury of the wise will attain Final Liberation. To attain the Philosophical Stone would be impossible if one does not, first of all, get to know oneself. The preparation of Mercury is usually difficult. The Mercury results from the transformation of the Exohehari or Brute Azoth. The Brute Azoth represents the sacred sperm.”


Mercury is the personification of the brain, central nervous system, tubing of the body, the five senses, and the hands. Mercury is the part that is truly us and never seen by us. That which produces conscious thought and daily programming. It is, of course, one with you but very different from the idea of you. The mind, body, and soul of an individual are a person’s Mercury, from a tiny sperm cell to a full-size adult, the principle of Mercury is constant. The principle is one of meditation, nonthought, enlightenment, and purpose. It is very much the deeply ingrained life path that one needs to focus in on for pure direction.

The popular term for Wednesday is hump day, which could be taken a few ways. Let’s keep with the theme of Mercury and bring up the fact that it actually is the planet that rules Wednesday. So it could be a perfect day for humping. We can now see how this day was originally viewed as the “day of Mercury” and then reflecting back on the Germanic God Woden or Odin who was referred to as “Germanic Mercury”. Days of the week are connected to astronomy and mythology whether we realize it or not. So Miercoles, Mercredi, and Wednesday just nod to the energy of Mercury and our constant veneration to the entity whether known or unknown. Because all modern civilization finds its history and origin within Mercury, the Universal Sperm.


Outside of the Status Quo, there is the energy of the Trickster figure. Outside of religious ideas about right and wrong, the trickster doesn’t live by rules. The trickster is hell-bent on survival based on our personal hell bentness on death. We play tricks on ourselves all the time when we think we know our direction, only to find out we have made a big mistake. When we should admit mistakes, we attach ego and pride and go further down the rabbit hole of despair. The principle of Mercury, the Sacred Sperm, Buddha, the psychopomp is to realize that guidance has always been a part of our journey. Whether we tune into that guidance or not is up to the individual.


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