Episode 1 | Lovers of a Libra (Featuring Nadia Atkinson) | The S.E.X Podcast |

On Episode 1 we discuss authors Nadia Atkinson erotic poetry book Lovers of a Libra. We break into the mental levels of sacred energy exchange very rarely discussed. Relax and Unwind while we discuss how discovering your energy can break barriers.

Nadia Atkinson was born and raised in Staten Island, NY who currently resides in NYC. She has successfully self-published four titles including her debut top seller, The Past is in the Past so Let it Pass, which was released to the public December 2013. Since her debut, Nadia has assisted new independent authors with self-publishing their books, sponsored multiple events, and has continued to encourage both men and women who have been touched by her work. She continues to uplift her audience through social media with positivity and encouragement. She has tapped into her spiritual side and sharing her self care journey on her Instagram page daily. Nadia’s books are available for purchase via http://www.loversofalibra.com, Amazon, and BarnesandNoble.com. To get in contact with the author for comment or consulting please email her at beyouniquellc@gmail.com.

Visit https://loversofalibra.com to purchase a copy of this amazing work of art.

Instagram: @thesexpodcast



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