Full Moon in Sagittarius | June 17th, 2019 | The Awakening of the Cosmic Mother | Vedic Astrology

The Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place in Vedic Sagittarius under the Moola Nakshatra. Full Moons represent a time of manifestation and this particular Full Moon is illuminating your ability to connect to your Cosmic Ancestral Roots. If one is able to attune to their primal nature, one will be able to see how this energy can bring things into manifest that is truly meant.  This is different from doing things based on society and materialism.

The Nakshatra Mula or Moola is the precipice of Spiritual/Occult energy. This Lunar mansion’s intensity is based on whether the individual seeks within for guidance(meditation, following your intuition, divination) or seeks without(books, teachers, schools). One who lives by spiritual principles will experience the benefits of this nakshatra. One who lives by rules created for their destruction will ultimately live with that manifestation. Mula represents the root of all mysteries of the subconscious mind. By tuning into the subconscious mind and the messages that it has, we increase our knowledge and learn to become dependent on our soul. We are no longer bound by groupings or particular words. If you have created your life on love, community, and other positive foundations, then this energy feeds you. If you have created your life on lies and confusion, then this energy brings it face to face with you. Coming face to face with evil allows us to become truly Good. To be sheltered from Evil produces weakness and dependence on others. This Nakshatra speaks to the power of feminine energy and its ability to destroy. The destruction is found in illusion and glamour that isolates us and makes us weak. What is real is your foundational root energy or this void of consciousness called The Soul. As you strengthen this understanding, negative forces began to be destroyed before you. The energy of this Nakshatra is found in the Goddess of Destruction Nritti. She is very evil to those who are impure but to those who are pure, she is very tender and generous. Representing the Shakti foundational energy which has been present since our first incarnation. Returning to her embrace is what truly frees us and gives us our personal paradise. When we step away from the material confusion, we step towards our Soul’s purpose, this can be found in the Goddess Nritti/Divine Mother/Inner Goddess and the Moola Nakshatra. The fact of having a Full Moon on this particular Nakshatra indicates an opportunity to take one step closer to paradise, whether we realize it or not.

The Sun’s position sits on the first degree in the constellation of Gemini, this placement speaks to revealing the submerged subconscious energies to reveal a particular structure or path to follow. The difficulty in this placement is the society with its structures already in place, does not support newly emerging structures. The ease comes when we submit to the new structures and trust where they are leading us. The moon’s placement at one degree of Sagittarius speaks to our ability to define ourselves through struggle. The comfort of not changing has created weakness and lacking adaptability to present times. While the struggle of change and adapting has refined individuals into cosmic growth and deep understanding of self. The Full Moon Square to Neptune separates those of us who overcome our passions from those who succumb. This is found in how we are able to reconcile our past experiences or suffer from them. Does the past create pain or have you learned the lesson?  Jupiter affects the Full Moon by being slightly conjunct the Moon providing new emotional feelings. These feelings could be dependant on how close you are to your hidden motives. If you feel that you have no hidden motives and are not open to surprises then this full moon is sure to change that perspective. Things like Alter Egos and split personalities take center stage the weekend of the Full Moon. Jupiter in the 7th House is bringing a black light into our relationships pointing out the purpose or deception within the union.

Mercury conjunct Mars in the third decan of Gemini is giving us the smarts and the Braun to control our destiny. If there are areas where you suffer then Mars and Mercury are conspiring to bring you out of it but you cannot just lie there and expect it to end, you have to move forward. By realizing your God form you are able to apply it to your normal life seamlessly. The danger with this placement is the idea that you can continue to not change in areas that have shown you that they are not working. Being able to change and learn for the better will activate this Mercury/Mars conjunction along with the Full Moon. This energy is also Oppose Saturn and Pluto in Sagittarius exemplifying the idea that the reward is on the other side of fear. Learning to be social after a period of isolating yourself will allow you to display your mercurial gifts. Being yourself is how you find your genius and being clear will allow for that ‘eureka’ moment the full moon generally symbolizes. It can be found in stepping away from what others expect and moving towards what your soul expects.


The Cards of the Week speak to being stuck or fast movement. Gemini Decan 1 is understood as the 8 of swords which are understood as the many lessons the soul has learned. The harsher the lesson the more you have to break out of the cycle that harshness presents. Once it is over, let it be or you will blame something or someone for how YOU feel. The lesson of the 8 of Swords is that you are responsible for the good and bad in your life. The ability to step away from things that are inherently uncomfortable will allow spirit to work miracles. The more you hold up a false reality the more it has to fall to remind you that it is false. The fast movement comes from Sagittarius Decan 1 which is ruled by Mercury and understood by the 8 of Wands. Which speaks to swiftness and is found in our adrenaline that easily pulls you to the center of the Gravitational Force called Home.


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  1. Thank you! This is clear, precise, and usable. Interesting, usually don’t go online this early. After meditation this morning, received a mantra; “Grand Rising is taking place in me now.” Something said in the rendering on Mercury, SMILE. Going thru what one would think to be traumatic…. I couldn’t pray, and yet a voice from inside said SMILE. That turned into laughter and my healing hastened… Folks edgearound were amazed. The image that made It’sSelf known was a woman short in stature sitting at the edge of a mound, a weapon across her lap, wild hair… keeping her eyes on me.. oftentimes I find there are no words to adequately express the depth of my gratitude. So, that being said. . more than likely, I’ll just be quiet from this point. Blessings (wish there was another word, be-less is yet another spell) Peace. Love. Prosperity to U and yo family!


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