Empty Your Cup


Daily Energy Reading for June 19th, 2019

Planetary Energy of Mercury at 28 Degrees (Vedic) Gemini

Conjunct Mars/Mercury/North Node
Opposed The Moon/Pluto/Saturn/South Node (Vedic) Gemini

Chiron 11 Degrees (Vedic) Pisces conjunct Midheaven

Planetary alignment conjunct the angles indicate, new suffering or the end of old suffering, so we want to go in this time with wisdom and not fear. If you experience hardships it could indicate personal potential. Potential must be acted upon to be substantiated or true.

Mercury is able to release you from all kinds of burdens if you are willing to walk towards a solution. When one door closes another one opens up. Learn to work with people who are willing to work with you and help you grow. Be the person who is willing to help others as well. If we just know how everything will turn out based on past experiences, you are not fully embracing this new energy. The idea is to liberate you from the past and accept a new future.

The Moon conjunct the Descendant is examining the innermost past and bringing to surface mysteries that were thought to be gone forever. There is a strong reach from an ancestral past pouring love and wisdom into your being. The idea is to be a blank slate or an empty cup and receive. If you are too full of memories and fantasies, you won’t be able to receive the energy raining down on the planet.

Chiron conjunct the Midheaven is hoping for you to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. The public eye is not scary when you have nothing to hide. When we are in tune with who we are in the moment, we realize our presence is one of aid, so in this space, we need to be seen.


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