Embrace the Infinite


Daily Energy Reading for June 20th, 2019

Planetary Energy of Jupiter at 24 Degrees (Vedic) Scorpio

Jupiter Square Neptune at 24 Degrees (Vedic) Aquarius

Venus at 19 Degrees (Vedic)Taurus Oppose Jupiter

Venus Square Neptune

As Venus moves into opposition to Jupiter and square to Neptune it is bringing real changes to our earthly possessions. As Venus moves into the 3rd Decan of Taurus it forces you to look up from your everyday work and take stock. It is questioning your motives as to why you are doing what it is you are doing. If you don’t have a good reason it will lead to much confusion. The goal with this placement is to follow the infinite and not try to guide it.

Jupiter’s placement is deeply trying to infuse spirituality and physicality. This sign of transformation and pushing through boundaries can only be experienced in real life. Where so many of us have been trying to think of ourselves into bliss. Jupiter is saying bliss can be attained in the real world. If you do not trust yourself, who can you trust? So once again the idea is to be guided by the infinite and not try to control it.

Neptune’s influence is related to the mental and shadow sides of life. Coming to grips with an emotional past and lifting this above your shoulders and carrying it. If the load is heavy than the road is long and arduous. Learn to lighten your emotional baggage to enjoy the fruits of being spontaneous and spirit led. The idea is to be clear enough to be guided by the infinite and not feel as though we know what we need to do.


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