The ability to think for your “self” | New Moon in Gemini | Vedic Astrology | July 2nd, 2019


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On July 2nd, 2019, there will be a New Moon in the constellation of Gemini. This takes place in the second decan, at 16 Degrees, and in the 9th House. This is a time to rid oneself of all guilt and feelings of regret, this is energy that you put on yourself for no good reason. In the grand scheme of things, your guilt and regret do not exist. So when setting the New Moon intention, take a second, to not factor your normal guilt, shame, regrets, etc… This is related to how you treat and view your “Self.” (The Self in Jungian psychology is one of the Jungian archetypes, signifying the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person, and representing the psyche as a whole) If we have negative thoughts about the Self, then we are in fact our own worst enemy. Negative thoughts are in fact the blockage to thinking for your Self. You know that you have deep weaknesses and there is no defense for yourself, you cannot leave your Self. In this space, we don’t even give ourselves the time to connect with the higher self, because we are inundated with what the Lower Self expects out of life and what it has been told over the years. So that is why it is so important to Empty Your Cup completely prior to this New Moon and begin to think for your Self.

If we were ever gifted a favorable position of authority or prestige there are things that come with it that are not all pleasant. This is a time to check to see if you are actually hurting your partners if you are in leadership check to see if you are doing a good job. It is natural to abuse power and we forget that you could affect people negatively. There may be rules or standards that many people are simply over and if you are the one trying to maintain this status quo, by default you are not thinking for your Self. You are thinking for somebody or something else other than your Higher Self. In setting the intention we want to strive for the unification of the Soul and the individual, and from this place, we receive the pure intentions that allow us to manifest our true desire. Human logic is limited based on fragmented and false information. If you adapt your mind to a system based on enslaving you then you are in fact an autonomous slave without knowing it. The first step to thinking for yourself is to question the world around you until you get answers. If you already know what you want with the most certainty then you are in fact limited in your mental faculties. Intellectually we can think on an Infinite level or a finite level. The human intellect in all its greatness is finite. The intellect in which you think for your “Self” is the infinite and pure intellect. Gemini can be analytical or it can be perceptive. When we perceive (thoroughly grasp) something, we know it. When we analyze we are simply utilizing the intellect in the fashion where we make it understandable. There are many things in our lives that we can make simpler by simply perceiving it differently.

If you operate out of the straitjacket of logic, you just remain a clown in the circus of life. But when you operate from the unbounded dimension of chitta,  you become a blissful participant in the life process.


Mars/Mercury in (Vedic) Cancer Square Uranus in (Vedic) Aries

Learning to unify our mental and active principles during this New Moon transit is found in the aspect of Mars conjunct Mercury.

The square to Uranus poses two questions:

Do you know you have power?

What would you do if you had it?

So many of us are simply coping with “Life” that we have not taken a second to realize our power in thinking for your “Self” and what that actually looks like. Because you always think you are thinking for yourself. Space is needed for you to see your Self from yourself. This is the dance Mercury/Gemini is dancing during this transit. This time is favorable if we realize that two things can work together and be mutually beneficial as opposed to one side having all the benefits. There will be a lot of unrest in the world during this time because of the massive injustices millions face. This transit requires individuals to be individuals or else be swept up in mass hysteria. Part of this manipulation is due to these supernatural abilities coming online, so every toxic situation is being examined. The urge to separate is real and is likely to be followed whether you like it or not. There will be collections of individuals fighting for causes and there will be individuals collecting their souls and becoming one with the divine. You get to choose what frequency suits you.

Nakshatra Ardra | Betelgeuse

We will always live in a time where people inherit power, finances, and negative situations. That on one level they have no control over yet karmically things are always right and exact. Karma is a theme with this Nakshatra, Karma is very personal, when we begin to count another person’s Karma, then we are confused. Karma is very personal. Your doubt, your guilt, your negative thoughts are the seeds you plant based on your ignorance. “God leads every soul by a separate path, and you will scarcely meet with one spirit which agrees with another….” So the idea is to deal with your “God”, “Self” and figure your path. The path is the keyword with 9th House, being centered on your spiritual path and your personal faith and devotion to Self.



Tarot Card of the Week | The Lovers

The Tarot Card of the Week is The Lovers which speaks to Twin Energy.  The true twin is not identical but actually opposite of the native.  The goal of the lovers is to bring these opposites into one.  Our visible and invisible, light and dark, young and old, inner and outer are to become one during this New Moon transit.  We are to analyze and perceive that which we desire completely and holistically.  In this understanding, our easiest choice is usually not the right choice.  Intuitively doing the right things and taking responsibility is the idea of this New Moon and Card.  Having to make a real choice and not just going along on with the flow will be the emphasis of this time.  Realizing the difference between connection(consciously joining) and attachment(to take or seize) is important as well.   There is a choice to make ultimately, will you think for yourself or your Self?


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