The Point of No Return


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Daily Energy Reading for June 24th, 2019
Planetary Energy of Moon in First Decan (Vedic) Scorpio
Square Mercury/Mars Entering (Vedic) Cancer

Moon in First Decan of Pisces | 8th House

The moon deals with our subconscious mind or the plethora of thoughts we have that never reach the surface of our conscious brain. Here resides all of our true ambition and purpose. As the moon moves out of Aquarius into Pisces, we are to take process our recent awakening and make a move towards freedom. (If you haven’t already) The realization is too deep to stay in a stagnant situation regardless of how afraid we are to move on. The Moon also deals with our past lives and in this decan, we come face to face with our journey and our programming. The other realization of this particular transit is the fact that Spiritual Journey’s and Quests for Truth ARE NOT EASY. The amount of peeling back layers and understanding the vastness of who you are can be extremely difficult at times. If one is on a spiritual journey then the mundane world during this time is especially painful. Simply because your spiritual calling is loud and may be at odds with your normal routine. The 8th House is the house of transformation, change, and alchemy that simply states that things will work out for the best even if it is tough at the beginning. Some of us struggle with this, while others embrace the challenges of life and bring forth all that is divine within them. This time does not have to be excruciating it can be rather lovely depending on if you are able to follow your spirit or do you continue to do the same things that aggravate you day in and day out.

The Square to Mercury and Mars entering Cancer indicates being present through a challenge or a particular test based on the initial steps of a recent change. The point of no return forces to deal with the present situation without fear based on our actual participation. When we were contemplating this period we were full of doubts and fear and now we must realize that negative energy can not exist in the present. We have to face each moment accordingly and not deal with the residual regret of leaving a toxic situation. In summary, we are best suited when we are able to face the present situation without venturing off into what could have been or what we will do in the future, we must act now.


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