The Point of it All


Daily Energy Reading for June 25th, 2019
Planetary Energy of Mars/Mercury in (Vedic) Cancer Oppose Pluto in (Vedic) Sagittarius
Mercury Trine Moon Chiron in the second decan of (Vedic) Pisces
Sun Sextile Uranus in

Colossians 3:3-5 (AMP)
3 For you died [to this world], and your [new, real] life is hidden

After crossing the Point of no Return we discover the ‘The Point of it All’ or the reason for the recent spiritual awakening.  Mercury’s conjunction with Mars really emphasizes the planet of Action (Mars) in an almost savant-like magical expression.  Since Mercury prides itself on being the ‘hidden’ planet it has no qualms with letting Mars shine and get all the accolades.  With an upcoming retrograde at hand, this energy is something that we will have to get used to.  The energy of being active and magical is at an all-time high.   This energy opposed to Pluto creates the urge, passion, and creativity necessary to accomplish any unfinished product that may need that final push.   Don’t sell your self short by not attempting to channel this creative energy, Mercury’s speed and elusiveness are providing a cosmic window to ease and abundance.  What can block this is old, stagnant ideas not centered in love.  Fear blocks this creative surge as wellIn the New Moon in Gemini article, we discussed the ability to think for your “self” and this ability is not seen as vain spiritualism.  This ability if understood is able to unlock your wildest dreams and take you to a place further than your initial hopes.  Leading up to the New Moon, let’s allow this ability to take precedence over any preconceived notion we once had of ourselves.  It is said that Spiritual Awakenings happen at different times for individual but this time, in particular, we are dealing with a universal upgrade of psychic/psychological abilities.  The most important thing now is one’s ability in moving on and looking forward.  This could be a simplistic way of looking at the world but also accurate based on the simplicity of letting go.  The difficulties and fears surrounding letting go represent “false expectations appearing real.”  So fear is not valid if it is paralyzing you from attempting to “better” yourself, however that looks for you.  Mars will act regardless, whether it out of love or fear is up to you.

The Moon in Pisces trine Mercury/Mars is in full support of positive outcomes if following your intuition and not your programming.

The Sun in Gemini is you peering at yourself and being unable to hide.  Within this introspection, there is power, ability, and success.    There are also wars between those who have perceived power against those who perceive they are weak.   Wisdom teaches us that these are all perceptions.  Wisdom teaches us that we alone master our perception of self.  A sextile to Uranus is encouraging us to continue to cultivate this relationship with Self.  Like a muscle, it will develop and gain strength.  In these turbulent times, it all depends on who perceives the turbulence.  There is peace, wisdom, knowledge, and success available in each moment if we were to perceive it.  So the sextile is requiring effort in being optimistic about the changes that are happening in and around us.

Definitely a light at the end of the tunnel kind of feel to the astrology.  Just a positive attitude towards creativity and centering to personal ideals makes this transit easy.  Following a path that is not yours, on the other hand, may be excruciating.


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