Illusions of Glamour


Daily Energy Reading for June 26th, 2019
Planetary Energy of Mercury in (Vedic) Cancer Square Uranus in Aries
Neptune in Aquarius Sextile Pluto in Sagittarius
Moon in 3rd Decan of Pisces

On the quest to developing the ability to think for ourselves, we have to learn how to dispell glamour or illusion.  These are the emotional reactions to the physical world without spiritual purpose.   Mercury and Mars are pushing us past the point of no return in order to figure out the point of it all.  As Mercury progresses to a point of Karmic readjustment we have to examine our personal Karma (things we know) opposed our Dharma (things our soul knows).  Understanding that Karma is simply a normalizing of the Universe, the more we go against the grain the more Karma forces it back into alignment.  For if we are living according to our personal Dharma, Karma is irrelevant.  This energy sextile Uranus indicates the central, core, nuclear molecule within us that is in full control.  This nuclear energy is ready to expand and it is important that nobody is stopping you from expanding.  

Neptune is allowing us to access the conscious collective at will if we are clear enough to perceive that our thoughts are not our own.  All information is learned from another source, so all thoughts represent part of a network.  The idea is to step away from the “social network” and access the “soul network”.  This transit to Pluto is breaking down the barriers of language.  Glamour is the ancestor to the English word Grammar.  Our Grammar is coded in spells and magic, so even our words we use could be a block.  Our words hold context and emotions that may not apply to our transformation.  As you grow, so do your abilities and what decreases is your limitations.  Pluto’s position speaks to fortune.  Fortune etymologically speaks to passing from one state to another.  We are most fortunate when we pass from a state of ignorance to a state of awakening.  This phase of transformation is not easy but to not have the previous limitations of the Ego proves to be well worth it.


Today will be a day of emotional fulfillment when we settle into the flow of the Soul.  Once we find that which we have searched for.  If you focus on your work it will turn out more than exceptional.  The moon is in a decan where imagination is encouraged and has the energy to bring this imagination into the manifest.   What this day advises against is counting another person’s blessings and being emotionally attached to the idea that once you get what you were seeking the work is done.  The work is never done.


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