The Beauty of Rock Bottom


Daily Energy Reading for June 28th, 2019
Planetary Energy of Neptune in (Vedic) Aquarius
Sextile Moon in Aries | Saturn in Sagittarius
Square Jupiter in Scorpio | Venus in Taurus

Today our perspective is to be the standard for how the overall outcome of the day will be.  If we are rising out of the depths pass our emotions and passions to realize our lotus (divine perfection) then we will start to see things come into alignment.  Neptune in Aquarius is focused on communication from the divine.  The goal is to be clear and not obstructed with mundane tasks to receive the communication.   Neptune forms a Grand Sextile with the Moon and Saturn today symbolizing if we are able to be passionate and sure of our movements we will receive success.  As opposed to mindlessly doing things out of ‘responsibility’.  If we are able to settle in and focus on our ideals while simultaneously not being used or manipulated into doing something we do not resonate with, we will tap into our Truth.  Rock Bottom may be required to see our divinity.    So the key is to speak your mind at all times, throughout the day, do not allow yourself to be subjugated or blocked.  The key to understanding Neptune is in realizing ‘Tests’ and passing them.  Trusting in spirit or faith when you have nothing else.  To be honest most people would not seek out spiritual advisement when things are going well.  It is when you are at your lowest that you are offered the opportunity to recreate your life.  This is what makes Rock Bottom so powerful.  Like the Lotus(Neptune) rising from the Mud to be a model of Divine Perfection is the Spiritual Narrative for the Collective Unconscious.  There will be perceived enemies and people who do not wish you well.  These will more likely be the ones closest to us, which may indicate that it is time to develop new and healthier relationships, with Neptune being in the 7th House of relationships presently.

Neptune also forms Squares with Venus and Jupiter providing us with an opportunity to see life past our previous thresholds and limits.  This perspective is one of once you cross the bridge what do you do next in this new fertile world.   The multitude of dimensions and possibilities are upon us and we now have the prime opportunity to access whatever we desire.  Just imagine that you can live any script you like, any role you desire, the idea is to do a good job in this role, so make sure it is a role you will excel in.  This is magical and responsible time for those that are aware of the energy present.  We are presented with an opportunity to raise our existence to a new level by simply doing the things we set out to do.  You may have tried and failed, this energy states that it is okay to attempt again.  Shedding dead weight and remaining optimistic is the key to navigating what can seem to be a confusing time.  Continue to press forward in what you KNOW to be right based on what your soul is indicating you to do.  Continue to be clear so as not to confuse delusions with spiritual insight.  Doing the necessary work to get the desired results is always the best call.  The energy surrounding Neptune is requiring effort and risk-taking to see clearly.  An analogy would be once you reach the top of the water, your plight would have made sense, and your perfection would be self-evident once your Lotus Blooms.


One comment

  1. As usual… I am extremely grateful for the insight you share… I am being stretched beyond my comfort zone AND see the new day/Dawning. Again, many thanks. Modupe!


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