Mental and Emotional Preparation for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse


Breaking through the Proverbial Glass Ceiling


The examinations of psychology, spirituality, and astrology
Dealing with the unseen realms of the emotions and the mental
Moon conjunct Venus 1st Decan of Gemini
A New Dimension of reality but not able to fully access it
Like a Glass Window | If through this glass window is what you desire then what about where you are now. Do you go towards the other side or do you stay where you are?
So the probing and prodding of this world reveals exactly what this world is for you
This Solar Eclipse is profoundly personal and with that one could feel lost
In comparison to what others expect realizing what you truly want outside of the norm can be very difficult but also very rewarding
So let us attempt to bring closure to a state of ignorance, control, mistakes, the times we gave permission to be taken, prisoner
I guess to surmise is are we able to forgive ourselves in such a way that it will free us to move forward
Finding the service you can do from the heart


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