It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

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Daily Energy Reading for July 3rd, 2019
Planetary Energy of Mercury in Vedic Cancer
Conjunct Mars/Moon
Square Uranus in Vedic Aries

The energy is moving us all forward into a new world and that comes with a lot of positive energy but there is also a negative pull to the past.  Mercury represents the instinctual prompt to do things differently.  We can’t begin to put our own insanity and ignorance on top of the changes that are occurring.  The idea is to be pure with your understanding and act out of that purity.  So much so that you are dedicated to this new world you are creating an even more dedicated to letting go of the past.   So with this in mind keep it simple act out of newly found principles to see how they will play out in this life.  I’m realizing that I have a wonderful sense of humor and I can brighten up a room with it at will.  This is something I never thought about myself but with this changing of energy, I am realizing things about myself that my past self never knew.

There is a power structure in place that knows your power possibly more than you.  So there will be distractions and people already knowing how you will respond to their triggers.  You can switch the energy up by responding differently.  Realizing that your power comes from within and not from external sources.  The Moon’s effect on this energy is bringing forth the energy of atonement and the resolution of ignorance.  The feeling of being released from the bondage you may not have even known was there.   Peace is definitely on the way and an end to all suffering.  Let’s not just stay in one space, let us continue to let go and say goodbye to the way we were previously living.  This is a change on every level not just physical.  So focus more on aligning to the instinctual nature provides to be revealed some pleasant surprises.  Think outside the Box.


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