What is your Soul’s Name?


Daily Energy Reading for July 9th, 2019
Planetary Energy of Mercury/Mars in (Vedic) Cancer
Square Uranus in Aries and The Moon in Libra

Mercury conjunct Mars in the second Decan of Cancer is merging us with our spiritual perfection.  The idea of the Soul is perfect, blameless, and invincible.  Attempting to get familiar with this energy requires us to simply ask the question.  What is my Soul’s name?   When you meet someone for the first time and you are fond of them it is common to ask “What is your name?”   As we transition into this new paradigm that the eclipses present we must be introduced to our Soul formally.  Before we cement our intent let us first imagine all of the possibilities with the soul.  Let this day be a day of reunion and letting things come to us via the soul.  As Mars will go forth through this Energy, Mercury will be back to this point and we can bring up this question once more.  This is simply something to ponder upon.  What is the name or nature of my soul and what is the intent for my universal purpose?  These larger questions if answered will elevate us past our present problems by default.  Learn to decondition yourself from the programming of the Ego by simply laughing at the ignorance of it all.  That is a simple solution to transforming, learning the power of laughter and wisdom.  Especially when it comes to your habits and conditions.  We are taught to feel bad about these things putting more pressure on us than we need.

Mercury/Mars form a T-Square with Uranus and the Moon heightening our need to align with our cosmic order over social order and also highlighting the importance of releasing karma.  As we keep pressing and refining ourselves let the adjustments take place that makes sense to our growth.  Developing personal power over governmental power is key.  If intuition is urging you to learn different things follow that path and create that time.  If we are to align with our Soul and our Soul’s path we are aligning with Cosmic Order and assuring our success.  There are things that the Ego brings with it that needs to be released (memories, trauma, and pain).  If we are conscious in releasing Karma with hopes of accessing Dharma then the Path of the Soul will continue to open up.  Learn to open up and let out the negativity so the Soul can work freely.


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