The Guru Lunar Eclipse | July 16th, 2019


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Nakshatra of The Week

Sun in Gemini Opposed Moon in Sagittarius (Vedic)

Venus in Gemini Opposed Saturn in Sagittarius (Vedic)

Mars in Cancer Trine Jupiter in Scorpio (Vedic)

Card of the Week


The upcoming Lunar Eclipse is also known as Guru Poornima, a day for honoring our spiritual teachers.  All those who have sought to make the world a better place as their purpose represents a time to connect with guides, teachers and those who have helped you along this spiritual journey.  The Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon takes place in the constellation of Sagittarius in the 2nd House bringing boons and blessings in the realms of material possessions.  This is balanced by how much alchemy of the personality and ego you have done since the Sun is in the last stages of Gemini, the sign of mental examination.  If you know who you are holistically then you get what you absolutely need, the dark side of this transit is wanting things you really don’t need.  The best-case scenario is you don’t get what you don’t need as opposed to getting something you truly don’t need.  One of the themes of this transit is based on how you process lust for result.

Let [the student] beware of the ‘lust of result,’ of expecting too much, of losing courage if his first success is followed by a series of failures. (Book 4, Appendix IV, Liber Samekh, p. 539)

Nakshatra of The Week

The transliteration of the Nakshatra Uttara Ashadha means “Late Victory” or “Complete Victory”, stating that the one who was patient will be benefitted.  The Deities that rule over this Lunar House where the Eclipse is taking place are the Vishvedevas.  The Ten Sons of Dharma (Goodness, Truth, Will Power, Ritual Skill, Time, Desire/Lust, Firmness/Forbearance, Ancestors, Abundance, Joy) represent unifying our experience on this earth.  This Nakshatra encourages heartfelt devotion, connecting with guides who help you in your spiritual development.  The energy here is enduring, invincible, and patient. For those who are seeking success in the latter part of their lives, this Eclipse is for you.  

Sun in Gemini Opposed Moon in Sagittarius (Vedic)

The Sun getting ready to leave Gemini and enter Cancer speaks to taking what you have learned about your Soul and create something with it.  Any artistic expression is encouraged as an expression of the Soul Energy.  Things like art, dance, music, literature, philanthropy, donations, something that shows that your Soul is alive and it wants to express itself freely.  The Moon is at exact conjunction of Pluto in Sagittarius during this eclipse making it a transformative time for all.  The transformation looks different for us all, it is wise to prepare for the transformation, rather continuing on with the same simulations that do not speak to the soul.  As magical as this Eclipse Season is, the energy is very grounded and focused in reality, so the things that you do with intention will feel spiritual nonetheless.  The simple idea of living in the moment really holds true during this time.

“Bodhi is attained only by the accomplishment of the Paramitas (perfections), when the Four Noble Truths are fully grasped, and when all karma has reached cessation. At this moment, all greed (lobha), aversion (dosa), delusion (moha), ignorance (avijjā), craving (tanha) and ego-centered consciousness (attā) are extinguished. Bodhi thus includes anattā, the absence of ego-centeredness.”

Venus in Gemini Opposed Saturn in Sagittarius (Vedic)

What drives this Lunar Eclipse is the exact opposition of Venus and Saturn, finding freedom through starting from scratch and the following Source, we get everything we need and more.  Venus is finding satisfaction through Rebuilding our lives at a Microscopic Level and Saturn is making sure we are maintaining our integrity throughout this process of transformation.  A good laugh is always good to experience, followed by insights that are wise to follow, based on our high spirits.  Keep the vibes high and start over if you feel blocked, through saging and energy work we clear the atmosphere of negative energy, and this allows new fresh energy to emerge in our life.

Mars in Cancer Trine Jupiter in Scorpio (Vedic)

Mars is traveling at a good speed through Cancer giving us the proper energy to actually do what are insights present.  It’s important not to waste this high energy and use it for getting things done.  We are all individuals and the more we praise and honor that individual spirit, the more it bestows us our proper blessings and boons the Lunar Eclipse presents.

Card of the Week – Queen of Disks


The Court Card that Rules the Space of the Full Moon is the Queen of Disks, a very practical and motherly type of energy.  She shows her love through duty and responsibility, those who strive to create a secure environment for family or loved ones.  She also guides you through tough times and puts you in a place where you can nurture yourself.  She represents prosperity and security, if you are in a position that is of privilege, she is calling you to give back to others who need help during this time.  She asks you to maintain a compassionate, nurturing, and practical attitude towards your circumstances.  Ultimately the key to making it through this Lunar Eclipse is to keep your ambitions in check, adapt to the changes the Soul presents, and take the proper path that works for you.


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