About the Hoodmystic

The Hood Mystic is an Astrologer, Aspectarian, and Tarot Card Reader. His amusement with all things occult began at an early age. The Hood Mystic began reading Astrology and Metaphysical books by the age of 14, studying whenever he got the chance. The desire to learn more about his chart and psychology spilled out to family and friends requesting readings and interpretation of their charts. Through encouragement and positive reviews of his work led HoodMystic to take the craft seriously. This ultimately led to the creation of Hoodmystic.com a blog that detailed the growth and study of astrology and current aspects. This is a companion to you when you get a reading or consultation from the Hoodmystic. An Astrology Chart Reading from the Hoodmystic is unlike any other, he will answer questions you never knew you had, he will explain your chart to you in a way that will highlight your purpose, and leave you inspired to make the necessary changes for your greatest expansion. The Hood Mystic is well reviewed and well respected in the community. He is married with three children and they reside in the Historical Franklinton Area of Columbus, Ohio.



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