Jiantkilla – Sex Magick (produced by Jiantkilla) – SoundCloud

I see yo light though you far your my destiny 

No need for names i know who you are your right next to me

Your in my thoughts dont need a car for you to get to me

More than i need my heart will you rescue me

We dont need/lights tonight/its inside of us/ were shining bright


{Music} jiantkilla E.T.{Music}

I often wonder why you live
Up under the sky
Your extra terrestrial
Its weird cause so am I
You remind me there’s no space
And time
Re create memories in the future
Using third eye

Travelling planets
Had sex on moon
Left on a Thursday
Won’t be back til June
I am Anubis
and You are nun
Ill be shango
youll be oshun
When I’m with you
I do shit I dont do

am i the only one
who can see your disguise
said hello in sumerian
you were so surprised
we met in atlantis
you left
a flood came from my cries
now its all euphoria
we met in another life

{Music} jiantkilla – Wisdom Vibe

Shorty left me for a nigga
when she left me i got figures
so it fig ures
better off forgetting
life is for the living

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
i was broke so long
taught me how to be strong
now a nigga put on
all my worries is gone…..

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
Death is a natural thing
locked in a capsule it seems
when you break out and see
life is all but a dream

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
thought my skin was a curse
til i seen the universe
the earth

where i lay my feet
my mind surrounds me

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
trials and tribulations
but im in the moment
watch it all unfolding
when they ask my age
i just say its golden

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful
I had questions
I had to look within
sometimes thats all you got
Tell you str8 off the top.

First its Sad

Now its Beautiful

SilentKilla – LoveCraft

SilentKilla SoundCloud


I’ m not afraid of the dark
I shall walk in the valley of death
I’m not afraid of the dark
This is where I will my heart
Its a glimpse of
what we truly are
Visions of cosmic art
See the demons
Be the genius

See the demons
Be the genius

I have been the fool

To not noticed you

This is pure love

I’m wishing each day

it could be real

Your the reason why

I stay single

Every thought dreams

You. You you you

See the demons

Be the genius

See the demons
Be the genius

I was in love
But got punch drunk
Now I’m on the curb
The world topsy turvy
Body comatose
Call a taxidermy
You ain’t got to worry
I know its scary,
There’s no cemetery
there is a tomb
Something like Mama’s womb
I’m glad you took the red pill
Now you can’t feel
Welcome to the pineal
Visions in the dark
You can see the spark
That caused the Big bang
It was you the one that took aim
To my heart

From the start

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